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  1. That looks like it will be perfect for me. Thanks very much.
  2. Thanks again, much appreciated. I am buying a Hotchkiss and don't have any experience of them (only Series Land Rovers mainly), so I was hoping to view the user and workshop manuals to familiarise myself. Easier said than done though. Especially when I don't really speak French 😀
  3. I have but no joy. And the Technical section shows the titles of the various manuals, but that's it. I emailed Andy, but no reply. Maybe the site isn't managed any more.
  4. There's plenty of interesting material on the M201 website, but unfortunately it doesn't have any manuals that can be viewed.
  5. Looking for advice on where to find operator and workshop manuals for a Hotchkiss Jeep. Are there any that can be downloaded or viewed online? If not, where can I buy them? Ta.
  6. Glad to have obtained footage of your Ferret albertamj. Excuse the poor quality, I took it off the TV using my phone's camera which isn't the best!
  7. Note the turret! VID_20181018_221824.mp4
  8. I was watching a programme on BBC 2 N.I. about 1970 in Northern Ireland and saw your Ferret!
  9. I fitted relays in the headlight wiring of my 101. Made the halogen lights brighter and also takes a load off the existing wiring and switches.
  10. Thank you. Appears to be the same lead so I've ordered one.
  11. Thanks for all your replies. I've had a look on eBay, but there don't appear to be any leads for sale at present.
  12. I have a headset where the cabling to the plug has been cut. Can the white cable in the photo, ie the one without copper wires protruding from it, be re-joined to its equivalent on the connection plug?
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