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Tank Attack

Larry Hayward

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Can anyone verify this story from BAOR when Margaret Thatcher was visiting BAOR as PM in the early 1980s?


Imagine a broad valley in North West Germany, with a road running the length of it and a small village in the middle. On the hill side the top brass essemble with Margaret Thatcher to watch a mock attack along the valley by Chieftain Tanks, 432s etc by a British Armour Brigade (or two). During the course of the 'attack' smoke & flames start to rise from the village and a certain 'VIP' mentions that it looks very realistic. However unbeknown to her and the top brass a building in the village just happened to catch fire, in an unrelated incident. Sadly for the village folk the German Fire Brigade from a town nearby were unable to come to put it out in view of the mock attack and one or more property was burnt to the ground!



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