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  1. Hi you may have all ready seen it but there is a picture of your Albion on the CCMV web page, it said it was part of a private collection. Its a good looking truck where are you based do you take her out much? SkippyPete
  2. Hi Many thanks for the quick reply's on my search for my Dads Albion CX22 its been a great help, I've had some private e-mails which have given me a couple of good leads. Many thanks Skippypete
  3. Hi all I have just joined HMVF as im in need of some help. My father was the pround owner of a Albion CX22 which he used for recovery work through the 60s 70s and 80s, around the Farnham in Surrey area. In the late 90s my father parked the Albion in the yard of JD Motors of Alton Hants with the view of myself and him doing a full restoration, but unfortunatly my work took me overseas for some time and then my father had a stroke. He decided to donate the Albion to a museam where it could be restored. An army low loader came and collected it and that was the last we saw of it. Last year my fat
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