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  1. Long shot I know but any one no where the Gearbox number is stamped on a GBA226 Albion gearbox I've looked every were, same on the diffs and axles no numbers . Could it be because it is an ex military vehicle?
  2. I think you have done more than most people would have done and reading the government website I think you are more than justified in taking it, but I would keep trying to find out who the owner was and if he decided to clam it he would still have cover any cost you incurred.
  3. That looks a really good set up, I'd wouldn't mind a closer look on how the frame is mounted.
  4. And yes I think it would look very nice sat behind a Diamond T
  5. Has any one got any pics of a crane or winches they use to lift there spare wheel on and off the back of the there truck. My wheels are 1500-20s and a bit heavy to lift on to the back of the Albion I have. Any idears, pics please. Thanks
  6. I think it would be a good idear to go ahead and move it before some one decides that it would be a good way of making a few quid as the price of scrap is up. Some one may come along and clam it who's not the real owner and before you know it it's cut up and gone. Good luck
  7. Hi just seen your post, might be worth taking a look at Dave Crouch Military sales he has some very interesting recovery Lorrys. He's also mind of very useful information on all aspects of recovery work. Hope this is helpful Skippypete
  8. Hi any one out there got a a set of fairlead rollers and pulles, fittings from a Explorer, I'm not sure if they are the same as the Pioneer or Matador. Or a set from an Albion CX22S Any thing considered. Thanks
  9. Just wondered if any one ever found out were this place was ?
  10. Hi anyone know anyone who has an Albion CX22s that they are breaking or have broken for parts. PS I forgot to add that I'm after the 3 winch cable pulleys and frame and the 2 centre rollers and 2 rear rollers if any one has any ideas, may be from similar vehicle. Thanks
  11. I was just looking through different Albion picture's on the net and I came across this one and I was wondering what sort of trailer is being towed as it looks to have a railway caridge on it, is it a tank transporter or somthing else. With all the expert knowldge on HMVF I thought some one probley knows. Thanks
  12. Hi dose any one have an Albion WD CX22s Workshop Manual for sale a good photo copy would do. Any help Please Skippypete
  13. Still in green and in the New Forest
  14. Hi this Albion CX22S was originally in dark red with black wheel arches and was owned by G. Erwin Jr and had the name Marvellous on a plate over the radiator. It looks like it was a fair ground lorry. There are a few pictures on the Internet. In my view i think it looks better in the dark red. Skippypete
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