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  1. I’m parked next to it and they’re made by Speciality Tires of America.
  2. In my Cab 13 Chevy, an army recon Bedford 28hp engine is fitted including the Bedford clutch and flywheel. The Chevy bellhousing and gearbox remain complete. It's pretty much a straight swap, with only the front crossmember needing a section removing to allow the sump to sit in. I've taken some pictures for you today, since it's in a convenient stage of strip down. Hopefully they show what you need to know reasonably well. Cheers, Dan
  3. Hello all, I'm Dan from the Huddersfield area. I've been browsing the forum anonymously for a while and have decided to sign up with the recent purchase of my first military vehicle, a Chevy CMP Wrecker. At the moment I'm working towards getting it back on the road before embarking on a full restoration at the end of this year with any luck. Hopefully any advice I receive from members on here I can repay by assisting someone else in time, along with the lessons I'll learn along the way! Cheers, Dan
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