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  1. SimonLMoore, that belt is almost the same as one I have, and I was wondering the same thing. Mine has no markings, it came with a consignment from a factory closure a few years ago.
  2. If they're the combat assault boots they will get worse, it's just a matter of time. They make a real mess too! It's a shame, they will be rare one day.
  3. Just realised there is a section for regulations... Sorry for putting this in the wrong section! For us Brits, there is a Home Office consultation on outlawing the possession of "offensive weapons" in a private place. This mightn’t affect all of us, and the list of affected weapons is Here [gov.uk]. The consultation also includes various proposals relating to civilian possession of .50cal weapons etc. There is an exception for items over 100 years old, but there are many younger items such as the inter-war Robbins-Dudley type devices, etc that will not be excepted from the proposed ban. I'm not a knife enthusiast myself, but I've been given several of these things that I'd suggest definitely are relevant to the Second Word War combat scene, and I think it'd be wrong for this aspect of our history to disappear because of the unpleasant connotations that are rightly associated with it.
  4. They could be, I suppose most of the countries over there will have similar patterns. I got them with some Omani webbing, which colour-wise looks closer to regular desert DPM but isn't quite the same.
  5. Are these some kind of tropical PLCE experiment? The first one looks identical to the normal PLCE holster apart from the colour scheme. The second one looks like it's related to the '58 pattern kidney pouches somewhere along the line. They have no markings at all.
  6. OK, Enough! Those of us in the UK are living in interesting times now. In the near future I think our hobby will be taking a low priority with regard to other things, but it's safe to say probably nothing is going to happen just yet. I will make a few emails, and I'll post the reply if I get any. There is scope for genuine non-political discussion about our scrap metal, let's keep it that way!
  7. That article says the Dutch are going to stop people owning replica historic guns, without a licence I assume. It doesn't say anything about banning the ownership of the real thing. This is an interesting issue though, there's been even less info about whether the UK wants to licence the ownership of s58 obsolete cal for non-shooters.
  8. The standard applies to everything. Interestingly, there is some recent semi-related info about how HO guidance is not (currently) statutory, and can be interpreted differently as a result. The response to a petition, here: https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/127045?reveal_response=yes about the Police and Crime bill, here: http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/bills/cbill/2016-2017/0003/cbill_2016-20170003_en_12.htm#pt6-l1g107 admits the current guidance has no legal basis. On the one hand, the effort to create a black-and-white legally-defined system is long overdue, but the current climate of Only-Terrorists-Have-Guns isn't giving me much hope of a workable solution. I'm hoping the backlash from all this will help to create legitimate grounds for people to be granted s1/s5 certs to have the real thing, seeing as we're no longer allowed broken ones.
  9. The spec says something about using araldite/resin to bond non-metallic components. This isn't ideal from a removability perspective, but I don't think removability was first on their minds. What if the bond failed after x years, and the component came loose? Alternatively, I suppose one could fix a pin from one side of the mag housing to the other, through the (fitted) mag. If a slot was cut through the mag, the mag could be removed and replaced. This would ensure non-slotted mags could not be fitted.
  10. Yeah, there's enough to worry about as it is. It looks like bolts have to be welded now too. Whilst SMG bolts can still move (never been a fan of fake moving bolts), everything else has to be solid: ...a maximum of 50% of the bolt/bolt carrier may be retained to restore the external appearance...They must be securely welded in place with substantial or continuous runs of weld. Also mags: Weld the magazine with spots on the frame or the handle, depending on type of arm to prevent removing the magazine... It is acceptable to modify a magazine well by welding a pin that would prevent the insertion of an unmodified magazine yet would allow an empty, slotted magazine to be fitted And here's the kicker: If the magazine is missing, place spots of weld in the magazine location or fix a lock to permanently prevent the insertion of a magazine
  11. From the link, it looks as if we still have UK-specific operations that have to be carried out beside the EU mandated ones. I thought the standard was supposed to be universal? I like the way barrels only have to be filled 2/3 of their length, but that's about it.
  12. So, I cracked open the latest catalogue from one of the retailers to find they had a load of product apparently up to Euro standard. This included various Cat A, which I thought was verboten by Euro-standards (to commoners, anyway). As I'm still recovering from the last metal I purchased (pre deadline, by ~30 mins) I won't be obtaining any more for a while, but I'd really like to see what they look like.
  13. Belt waist 58 pattern and/or belt waist working dress large cn 8465-99-869-3248 ct1a / 1021 1996
  14. Has anyone else had problems with melting soles? I wore my shiny pair of CAB to an event last night and they started to dissolve into to floor, leaving a trail of what looked like tar everywhere I went. I ended up peeling off the soles during the interval and binning them. They came off very easily.
  15. MORE SL31a / 2147 Date 1986 C.Q.C. (Casualty Bag Chemical Proof (sic) Whole, Mk1. 8415-99-132-4881) SL32a / 5018 Date 1990 RR. Belt, Waist, Adj. Surely the last 58 pattern belt ever made? CT2a / 1763 Date 1983 58 Pattern Ammo Pouch Left, whatever the name is SL32a / 5875 Date 1992 REMPLOY. (Belt, Waist, Large, OD IRR, 8465-99-132-1565) SL32a / 6121 Date 1993 C.Q.C. (Pouch, Side, Rucksack, DPM IRR 8465-99-132-1555) SL32a / 6122 Date 1993 C.W.L. (Carrier, Water canteen, DPM IRR, 8465-99-132-1556) SL32a / 6325 Date 1994 Papworth. (Pouch, Ammunition, Universal, DPM IRR, 8465-99-132-1557) ST1a / 1444 Date 2001 (Carrier, Entrenching Tool Case, 8465-99-132-1554) ST1a / 1510 Date 2003 HFS. (Belt, Waist, Large, OD IRR, 8465-99-132-1565) Lots more if it's wanted?
  16. I think it might be earlier, now you mention it. The manufacturer is CQC, and (unlike their sleeping bags) feels like a nylon cheesegrater, I won't be sleeping with one of those. The writing is ambiguous, here's a picture of the label:
  17. Is there a way to augment this info with the big list on the first page? I've been able to add dates in my post because I have the contract samples for those items. Of the two dates on the label, I've added the latest one, assuming it was the date of acceptance or thereabouts.
  18. Just one side and a wheel were found. The site was excavated on a massive scale, I'm really surprised they didn't find anything else there.
  19. Here are the pictures I uploaded to warrelics. The inside (facing the tank), conduit just visible at top left: Bracket, as connected to matilda: other fittings: One of the wheels, only one was found: The wheel has some concrete/mortar residue inside, but I don't think it was filled. I have some better pictures somewhere, I will put them up when I can find them.
  20. A few years ago I was involved with the recovery and ID of some iron framework that was uncovered by landscaping contractors on a site near a nature reserve. I'm trying to work out if the frame is the remains of the Matilda Carrot device or not. It's very similar to the mine roller frame, but the mine roller frame doesn't seem to have the upper pipe/conduit attachment that is visible in the surviving carrot photos. Here is the frame, excuse the trees: Here is a picture of the mine roller: (http://henk.fox3000.com/infantry/matilda-amcr.jpg) This is a picture of the carrot frame, fitted to the Matilda, showing the conduit on the upper frame that is absent on the mine rollers: (http://www.aviarmor.net/tww2/photo/gb/matilda_2/matilda_amra_1.jpg) I've made a comparison to show the similarities of the recovered frame with the carrot one: The IWM has a vid showing the Churchill mine roller frame which is similar ot the Matilda one: http://www.iwm.org.uk/collections/item/object/1060020338
  21. Contract A/78/CLO//48022/CB(CT)2B (Haversack, Respirator, NBC Mk 2A, 8485-99-137-1438) Dated 1976 Contract CT4b/1895 (Trouser, Mans, Waterproof, PVC, DP, 8415-99-130-4888) dates from 13/6/1984. Contract SL31b/2385 (Trouser, Mans, Waterproof, DP, PVC, 8415-99-130-4887) dates from 3/12/1985. Contract SL32a/3891 (Liner, Sleeping Bag, Long, 8465-99-120-9070) dates from 29/6/1987. Contract CT2a/2282 (Liner, Sleeping Bag C and GS, NSN NOT SPECIFIED, almost identical to 120-9070 above) dates from 31/1/1989. Contract CT2a/2228 (Liner, Sleeping Bag C and GS, 8465-99-120-8197) prototype submitted 8/3/1984 and assessed on 23/8/1984. (not clear if this was actually approved) Contract SL31a/2441 (Bag, Casualty, Chemical Protective MK11, 6530-99-130-6832) package dated March 1988, packed December 1987. Contract SL31a/2147 (Casualty Bag Chemical Proof Half Mk1 (sic)) (8415-99-132-4882) Spec No. SCRDE/PB/11/77 submitted 21/4/1986 Approved 29/7/1986 Contract SL322a/4261 dates from 1/3/1988, consisted of at least 13 items and included: Pouch, Water Bottle (8465-99-130-9359) (Item 13 of the contract) Yoke, main (8465-99-130-9355) Cover, Hand Shovel (8465-99-130-9362) Haversack, Respirator (8465-99-130-9357) Edited to add more contract dates....and even more.....9/10/2015 even moaaaarrr dates
  22. Hi... I'm currently trying to research British prototype armour from the 1935-1945 period, in particular stuff bolted onto Matilda tanks.
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