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  1. Does anyone have any details of any jeep specialists in the NE of England? I need a gearbox rebuild and there doesn't seem to be anyone in the area? Your help is appreciated. Cheers Chris :undecided:
  2. Hi, I'm Chris and own a 1943 Ford GPW jeep. I live in the North East and I'm a member of the MVT.
  3. Hi just got my jeep this week after months of searching and disappointments. Shes in good fettle hence I've done about 100 miles this week, but the exhaust position means I get blackening all over the off side rear tyre and wheel. The previous owner used lead substitute I don't intend to. Having looked underneath there is some scope to move the exhaust a bit but not enough to kick it out past the wheel I don't think. Whats the views on adding a slight bend to the end of the pipe to divert it a little? The jeep is a 1943 Ford GPW with lots of F marked parts and the original engine and chassis, though the tub and chassis are solid the engine needs some TLC over the winter but until then I'm going to use her every week and get out to some shows. Any strong views on whats best?:red:
  4. Hi, just bought a 1943 Ford GPW mostly original and to say I'm chuffed is a mild understatement. She served with the US in the Pacific campaign and ended up staying in the Phillipines in service as a Provost vehicle and still has a working siren on her! Great fun but scares the cats! Despite her history she is going to be British probably 6th Airborne and will soon have a nice olive drab and micky mouse camo scheme. Currently in a horrible shiny light green very neat but not authentic.
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