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  1. The Model M was for sure used by the US military during the 2nd world war ,as I own a military WM version which has a factory 3 speed forward transmission in it , the only one fitted with that-gearbox I have seen . It was built in 1942 the last yr of production and was not delivered to Perthshire Scotland as new ,until 1947 . The farmer was told it had seen active service during the war and then repainted in Allis colours after being decommissioned, this was the 2nd M to them and they wanted it way sooner but none were available until after the war .I have a very detailed manual which came wit
  2. Hi Robin, The section for posting an introduction ,is no longer an option due to spam I was informed by the forum. The tractor came from Jacksons, and was one of a pair both ex Cyprus, previously had been in the Falklands. I have information relating to seven 1184tw tractors which were procured by the M.O.D for during,or after the conflict six of these tractors , including mine, had the brockhouse torque units fitted. I think that all of them went to A.T. Osborne's, A county tractor dealer , and were converted to ford series 10 dual power gearboxes after the Falklands
  3. I now own one of the tractors, which I was told saw service in the Falklands. It is a standard ag spec 1184TW and had been originally fitted with a brockhouse torque unit ,so it could be used over there by remote control, on terrain which had been mined.When the tractor left the Falklands it ended up in Cyprus on soil stabilization work with a rotovator,but due to stress on p.t.o was sent by the Royal Engineers to get transmission converted back to standard dual power unit. When I acquired the tractor it had done only 243 hours, and has now been fully restored back to ag colours.
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