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  1. Hello John, thanks for the pointer, but as I live in Germany and will not be able to make it to the UK in the foreseeable future, I can only hope somebody else takes up the torch. Cheers, Jens
  2. Happy New Year to all, may it be a healthy and prosperous one for all of you. As I cannot afford a real HMV (and would not have the space for it), I build small replicas of my favourite vehicles to have at least something to hold on to. My newest project is intended to be a Bedford MK tactical refueller as used by the RAF, but I have hit a brick wall. This seems to be one of most underphotographed vehicles of all time (the whole MK series also cries out for a decent book), there are about 5 (pretty small) photos of the original on the web, and tons of the JB/Airfix 1/76 kit - which I have, but it can only go so far in aiding a scratchbuild. Does a kind soul maybe have some photos of the original to share? Or is there an electronic version of the handbook? I would be very grateful, as that would mean I can go ahead with my build. Thank you very much in advance and cheers from Germany, Jens
  3. Thanks David, indeed I have (as well as the other Crossley threads), unfortunately not a lot of help as regards drawings or dimensions - both needed for a modeling project. Cheers, Jens
  4. Greetings Gents, I am looking for information on the Crossley 20/25 tender (and the staff car, if possible), namely drawings/blueprints, so far my searches have turned up a few contemporary photos (as well as some restored and museum examples). Is there an online source for such or, failing that, a book or magazine (W&Tmaybe?)? I am grateful for any help I can get, thanks in advance. Cheers, Jens info@scalemodelteam.de
  5. Interestingly enough, the Jeep seems to be a cigarette tin, while the trailer serves as an ashtray - the diagonal hollows would serve as rests for the burning cigarettes. Amazing what was made in post war Germany (and Japan) to cater to the occupation forces. Cheers, Jens
  6. Thanks for the hearty welcome and I do think that I would have enjoyed certain events live - how far are they with time travel, anyway? At least we have our memories, photos and war stories, although I did never take enough photos, always thinking "well, that stuff is still going to be there tomorrow". :banghead: :beer: Jens
  7. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce myself: My name is Jens, I was born in 1964, have served in the German army and have worked as a civilian contractor for the US Army about two decades ago, including a stay in sunny Saudi Arabia and Kuwait during the unpleasantries back then. I have a live-long interest in military technology, especially vehicles of various types, my favourite 4x4 is the Austin Champ, 6x6 the Stalwart family and the Centurion ranks among my favourite MBTs. Since I will never have the opportunity to own a full-sized one, I model in 1/87 aka H0 scale and I have an extensive library (but I seemingly managed to misplace my edition of "Quarter Ton" :cry:). I also attend a few modelling shows in Germany which let me get close and personal to actual military vehicles, namely the show at the Panzermuseum in Munster and the annual modelling show for the benefit of German Child Cancer Aid (which my modelling buddies and I support through collecting donations) at Holzminden, where usually a variety of current and historical military vehicles is shown. I will probably be more of a lurker around here but there is always the possibility that my meagre knowledge may contribute to something or that I may have a question that needs an answer. Thanks for having me here and warmest regards Jens
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