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  1. Hello Robin, I am in a similar situation myself, and have just purchased a Clansman IB2 ANR intercom box, a couple of Crew Boxes, and a Commander's box; plus ordered a couple of 1-meter harness 12-way cables and a 2-pin power cable - to allow fitment into my Alvis Stalwart. I also purchased a pair of ANR Headsets (Racal / Thales RA Crewgard 180), and a Clansman Standalone Loudspeaker. Initially I'm planning to setup and test the equipment standalone, and then decide where and how to install to the vehicle and then make-up proper 12-way harness cables for a fixed installation. However, I g
  2. Hello All, Just a quick update to report that I've finally got the full HMV bug 'good and proper', with the acquisition of 'Molly The Stolly', back in Mid-May this year Molly, STAL II/956 (91 ET 74), an FV623 Limber, was the very last Stalwart to be produced, and left the production line at the Fighting Vehicle Shop at Alvis, Coventry, at the end of April 1971. I'd like to pass-on my grateful thanks to her previous owner who restored her to her current condition in 2011. I've always dreamt of owning a Stolly since the 1970s as a child (with obligatory Matchbox 'BP Exploration' Alv
  3. Hello Tim, I collect Rangefinders, and yes, it does look to be the telescope from a depression rangefinder. I have the main base of a Cooke Troughton & Simms MK.V from 1943 that is missing it's telescope, but it's in storage some 175 miles from my home presently (i'm in the process of moving house), so I won't be able to confirm dimensions for the mounting rings for a while; but it looks to be exactly the right shade of green as mine (almost as green as the envy on my face!) :-) There ought to be engravings on the top that indicates the MK of Telescope, and a separate MK. of the Depress
  4. Hello All, I collect Rangefinders and Surveying Distance Measurement Instruments, and my aim is to create and publish an Online Museum about these instruments (and perhaps create a private museum when I retire - who knows!). So, if you've got something Rangefinder-related, perhaps you were trained on one in your Military Career, or know someone who has-one, and want to know a bit more or have something that needs identifying etc. then perhaps I can help - and also hopefully I'll also learn something new into the bargain. I'm also on the look-out for any period photos or other mater
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