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  1. It has been suggested to them but like you I've not heard any thing that said we have just had entry forms so we may here if there's a special or theme this year soon so if it's a yes them someone will be burning lots of midnight oil ahem :-):-)

  2. well done on your purchase if youd like to take a seat in the corner the doctor will see you soon but as you may have guessed you may have caught scammellitus its very very contagous and im afraid incurable my steering is fine in a straight line but um interesting on mini roundabouts when driven with vigor brake adjustment is standard for drums hand brake off jack up once choked adjust till binding then back off a little rear axle is the long rods on top of the walking beams nuts may well be seized and fronts asquare adjuster on the bottom of the drum oh and do the rears as a pair ie have both the same side of the ground together and ive made a box spanner with a half inch drive socket welded to it for ease



  3. thanks for sharing mate , i do like it when the old chaps come up and say hello at abbey hill steam rallythis weekend we were aproached by a ex reme mechanic (80 years of age )sadley he had to get back home before we had a chance to get him back behind the wheel or do some of those outstanding jobs he had been trained for

  4. very rare i dont recall how many they made i only saw one when i was driving and that drove right around me as i was bogged down in a feild very good off road but as i recall plated at 38 tons and a payload of 21 ? tons so they never caught on when was the last time anyone saw one on the road

  5. thanks for your responces the hcvs seems to require you to have there insurance fair enough but im already insured ill have to look at it come renewal time the autohome site doesent seem to cover larger vehicles but your not the first to recomend them so looks like its on the phone moday morning thanks again andy

  6. i have what pretty mutch amounts to a spare scammell in the shed mate i just need to know i can get it back from the other side of the country if the worst should happen im hoping to do w+p this year thats best part of 200 miles away

  7. Hi All


    Happy new Year.


    does anyone have photos of what the explorer factory heater looked like, and was anything similar fitted to anything else?



    the heater on mine is fitted to the inside of the rear cab paneljust off the floor behind where your right heal is, its a coil of pipe fiulled with water piped from the rear axle oil cooler so is hot a 24 volt fan blows the air in the general direction of the winch operating lever it really makes no dicernable differance if you dont have 1 i really woudent lose sleep over trying to find 1 and any way proper drivers always have the front window open sorry not bright enough to post photos andy

  8. ok i can clearly see from this that the carrage of goods or the ability to carry them needs a mot of the relevent class but ive long been of the beleif that living vans were mot exempt i know for perhaps 10 or 12 explorer owners towing binners brockhouse , sentinel , rubbery owen office / stores trailers soley for rally/ show accomodation not mot ing are we all breaking the rules ?

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