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  1. From the RLC £35 I guess I got lucky although it seems the first 12 years is unaccounted for!
  2. Hi can any of you guys help with this? http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?48915-Scammell-Explorer-B-Vehicle-Data-Card Cheers Martin
  3. Hi, I have just downloaded the B Vehicle Data card for my Dads Scammell Explorer, and was wondering if any of you guys could throw some light on what it all means? there appears to be a gap for the first 12 years of its service? Thanks in advance Martin
  4. Cheers, it's not been on the road since the early 90s which may explain why you have not seen it. Now in need of some work, which we are planning to get in to soon!
  5. My Fathers Explorer (1989) 93BD75 MSV 605 Powered by Gardner 180
  6. Hi all I'm Martin from Shrewsbury, my father has owned a Scammell Explorer (93BD75 reg no MSV 605) since the mid 80's. She is now in need of a bit of light restoration mainly cab but overall she is in pretty good shape trying to persuade dad that we should paint her back in green. I will post some pictures soon, as I have been really inspired by the amazing resto blogs on this forum. Well that's my introduction Cheers Martin
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