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  1. I was on my way back from a VW show in Holland last night and as i was driving through France on my way to Dunkirk i spotted a convoy of 3 awesome 'jeeps' with U.K registrations. They then boarded the same ferry as me. Upon arrival at Dover, i left the port and started driving on the M20. As i approached the Ashford services i saw the jeeps ahead but as i needed a toilet break i pulled into the services. 5 mins later i was back on the road and saw an ambulance parked in the slow lane of the motorway. I slowed down and as i went past i was horrified to see that one of the jeeps had been overturned onto its roof. Does anyone know what happened? It looked very nasty, as an owner of a similar vehicle my sympathy and concern go out to the occupants. Someone please tell me they are ok?
  2. Lastly, this is the Gurgel. It is a fiberglass version of the VW Trekker (Type 181).
  3. This is how the Aussie CB was when i bought it. And this is how it is now as i am doing a body off restoration. The chassis is now restored and painted and i'm working my way through the body. Everything is getting sandblasted and repaired and i hope to have it completed by mid summer.
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys. I am indeed planning on fitting in some more MV meets/shows alongside my VW shows (as long as the wife lets me) Hopefully i'll get to meet some of you at them. I'll dig out some pictures of my vehicles in a mo and post them on this thread. They are rather unusual and quite rare. The Gurgel is the only factory built RHD they ever made. The Aussie CB is one of 4 such vehicles in Europe, under 2000 were made in a year long production run. Rick, i don't need any parts at the moment but if that changes, i'll fire you over a PM to check if you still have them. Thank you.
  5. Excellent, thank you very much! It is indeed Nato green (i painted it myself last week as when i bought it, it was wearing 3 different shades of green). So i guess i can get away with flecktarn which is handy as i already have most of the kit. Thanks again for the reply.
  6. From reading on here it appears you have sold yours but in case anyone else searches for this topic i'll answer... I did this last week. I removed both the front and rear seats to repaint the floor. At the front of the seat, by the adjuster, is a 10mm nut. Remove the nut and pull out the bolt. Hold down the adjuster lever and slide the seat all the way back untill it comes free of the rails. Job done.
  7. I know my reply is a long time too late but... I was researching this week and found a supplier of bundeswehr reproductions. The only thing they are missing is the small white/black bundeswehr eagle decal. I'm going to order a set tomorrow for show use. Chris.
  8. As above. I own a VW Iltis (1979) and wondered if flecktarn is period correct? Thanks, Chris.
  9. Hello mate, i'm also a newbie on the site and also own an Iltis. Got any pics of yours? Hopefully see you around. Chris.
  10. Do any of you guys still own your 'Ilti'? I am a new owner of one and would be interested to meet other owners, maybe arrange a line up at some shows and also find out how many are in the UK? Someone told me 12. Sorry to ressurect an old thread but would love to find out more. Cheers, Chris.
  11. Hi there, My name is Chris. I am a long term Volkswagen addict/collector but recently i have had the chance to aquire a few very rare off road and military related VWs. I now own an Australian Country Buggy (never sold to the army but designed for them), a Gurgel X12 (used by some south american armies) and an Iltis (ex-Bundeswehr). I have recently started collecting deactivated firearms and have purchased a MG53, 2 x G3s, a M60 mortar and a 1941 Bren gun. I am planning on visiting the War and Peace show in Paddock Wood for the first time this year. I visit Magnificent Motors in Eastbourne each year as well as the festival of transport in Hailsham. I go to approx 30 VW shows each year and hope to arrange some line ups of VW military vehicles at some of the shows.
  12. This week i took my VW Iltis to a mates garage so he could help me mount a machine gun on the vehicle. That done, i took it home this evening (gun not mounted obviously) and when i parked on the driveway, i took the gun out of the luggage area and locked it in my van. I then put the cover over my Iltis to stop it getting filled with rain. About 10 minutes go by and i get a knock at the door. There was 4 cops there asking me what i was doing with firearms. :eek: I explained myself and told them that they were deactivated and for a military vehicle. I then had to show them the deactivation certificates and take the cover off the Iltis to show them i do indeed have a military vehicle. They inspected all the 'weapons' and the certificates in detail. They were fine with them and were happy that everything was legal but advised me to make sure the guns are covered whenever there is a chance the public might see them. They also advised that i take them indoors as opposed to my van or garage as they would be more secure from theft. Fair enough, my mistake, i do live on rather a main road. Apparently they had received a call from a 'concerned member of public'. There is a retirement home opposite my house and they spend all day looking out of the windows so i guess it was one of them. Now i need to find a suitable sack/box to store them in when i need to move them around. I have a MG53, 2x G3 rifles and a mortar. If they were not deactivated/replicas, i'd be armed to the teeth! I need to figure out suitable covers for them before Sunday so i can take them to the Volksworld show.
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