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  1. hi all anybody know what to use on a canvas cover to bring the colour back as the one i have is almost light grey now instead of green i cant think of the name of the stuff people use or where to get it any info please thanx steve c:nut:
  2. hi thanx for you repley have managed to get the one off the jeep and bolt it on landrover and it fits ok so even though it looks miles smaller it goes on thanx steve c:D
  3. hi thanx for the repley have not tried it that way as it looks a lot smaller on the jeep but its worth a go easier if someone as towed a jeep trailer with a nato hook then i would know if it would thanx steve;)
  4. hi have just bought jeep trailer hotchkiss i am going to pick it up soon but only have the standard nato hich on my tow vehicle. <LANDROVER> now looking at it the nato one looks a lot bigger than the one thats on the hotchkiss as anybody got any info if it will fit as i dont want to go 200 plus miles and find it wont fit and i dont want to take the hotchkiss that far thanx steve c:-)
  5. ah well never even got a welcome but at least i sold the 30 cal 303 and thompson plus i got me jeep trailer so a good site thanx steve:-|
  6. hi thanx for your reply but as you all say a very grey area steve:-)
  7. ok thank you for your reply and info regards steve HARLEY HOSS
  8. hi just a quick one when i bought my jeep i was given 3 guns all with modern deacs . theres a 30 cal a 303 and a sten gun now i have never put the sten gun or the 303 on the jeep but the 30 cal is on a mount under cover . the local police have so far taken no notice have i been lucky or do they need to be scrapped as god nows i have tried to read this act on guns wow . to hard to understand ps if they have to be scrapped how would that work:embarrassed: thanx steve <harley hoss>
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