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  1. Belfast - Sydenham bypass (near the George Best City Airport)
  2. It's not a cheap way to go, as a Rhino 4200 costs about 70 quid, and you buy the cartridges with the heatshrink in it ready to go at 19 quid for 1.5 metres (although that would make a lot of tags). See: http://www.labelzone.co.uk/dymo-rhino-4200-hand-held-label-printer/p2842#tdesc_9 http://www.labelzone.co.uk/s0718270-6mm-yellow-rhino-heat-shrink-tubing/p432 They appear on ebay from time to time as well. Not sure how long-lasting they are, so you'd want to check that out before spending a lot of money, but it is meant for professional applications. Note that some of the L
  3. Dymo Rhino label machines can print on yellow or white heatshrink sleeving, so you should be able to get a similar effect....
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