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  1. I just had a shocking call to Footman James. I have insured my classic cars with them since they were called Aon but now things have changed drastically. They will now NOT insure any military vehicle manufactured in the USA with the exception of WW2 Jeeps. They told me that there is no problem with European vehicles, including ex Soviet but specifically US machines are excluded. I tried to push the joker on the phone to find the exact reasons for this. He got very uncomfortable when I enquired down avenues I cannot recite on this forum but ultimately stated that it was a company policy dec
  2. A Beltring of the Midlands would be more useful, then we could all attend more easily!
  3. I have witnessed similar to this countless times. Vehicle A sees slow moving vehicle 50m ahead and pulls out to avoid. Close following vehicle B now gets to see slow moving vehicle but because he first needs check mirrors etc before pulling out does so with only 30m to slow moving vehicle. Then vehicle C sees slow moving vehicle and the same thing happens. By the time vehicle E or F sees slow moving vehicle there is no longer any time to react and a rear end shunt has become inevitable. So to re-iterate the point made by Nick, WATCH YOUR REAR VIEWS LIKE A HAWK! Sometimes the only way out o
  4. Yeah I've got one of these. Very useful, keep lamp oil in one and petrol for (trench cooker) in the other, with cleaning stuff in the clam shell. These are ex- East German Army decontamination kits and should come with a set of brushes and cloths in the clam shell.
  5. I live in East Hertfordshire and am looking for a haulage company to take my 13 tonne, 2.9m wide OT90 to and from events. Anyone have any recommendations for companies that do this? Also what sort of prices per mile are you paying for the transport of your pride and joy?
  6. Excellent! Then I'll bring my deuce and a half.:cheesy:
  7. Are you sure about this address? I've not been on the road run before but I know Baldock reasonably well. The White Hart is tucked down the A505 and as far as I can remember has no parking facilities, or at least only enough suitable for a couple of Jeeps or similar. Could it be you mean the White Lion pub? The White Lion is on the main drag up towards Tesco has plenty of parking just off street. I am checking because it will determine which vehicle I take.
  8. Hi Everyone, Thought I'd introduce myself. My name's Tom. I bought a Hotchkiss M201 in 2007 which I have restored to represent a WW2 Jeep of the 101st Airborne Division, Recon Platoon, December 1944 onwards. Nearly finished now, just a few more odd jobs. I am also interested in other classic cars, firearms and history re-enactment. I currently am a member of 4JAS living history group representing 101st Airborne. I enjoy driving classic vehicles very much and try to get out and about whenever possible. My children particularly love it when I pick them up from school in the Jeep!
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