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  1. Hi guys, Finding a cheap deac Gimpy is the holy grail. It's like trying to find a nice deac SA80. I am sorry I have not responded to the questions in this string, I don't use HMVF anymore, although I have an account. Thanks to @MatchFuzee for dropping me a message to let me know about this discussion. As the events and safety officer of the MVT I can answer some of your MVT insurance queries. We have had a radical change in the insurance for our members. It does mean that all of our members now have £5M public liability insurance when putting on a military display to the publi
  2. Interestingly the value of the insurance cover is arbitrary. The issue is that if a show has say £10M of PLI cover and you as an exhibitor have £5M then the show organisers may be asked by the courts to cover the difference. This creates a "race to the bottom" environment where the numbers just go up and up, costing individuals more and more money just to mitigate the insurers risk. However any cover is better than none at all. Also if you get to a point where you need to claim your £5M something has gone spectacularly wrong, this is very unlikely with what we do, but still possible. I
  3. Hi, as the Safety officer for the MVT I will be presenting this at the AGM. I personally believe that it is an excellent opportunity for MVT members. There are members who do not think it is a good idea, so there is a debate about it. For me the reality is, event organisers are increasingly asking individuals for Public Liability insurance before they can attend a show. This is already happening for some of the members. If this insurance goes through at the AGM, we will be able to attend this events without having to get our own insurance, which is considerably more expensive if you pa
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