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part four bulkhead repairs

landrover nick



Part four Bulkhead repairs



Photo number one above shows the truck as collected the bulkhead was known to be very badly rusted but as the dismantling got under way the extent of the corrosion beacame more visible as soon as the bulkhead was removed from the chassis things seemed to get much worse.




Photos two ,three & four show the full extent of the corrosion the worst of the rust eating into the cab sub chassis on left side .







I will admit that repairs to this kind of monocock constructed bulkhead was looking to be beyond my skills and my thoughts looked to finding a replacement ,but aero screen MW bulkheads are different in many respects to the later ones and the only available replacement early bulkhead had been dug up in a field in Belgium and was not really that much better .i knew that my friend Rippo had been having some excellent work done by an old style time served sheet metal man called John who works from the garage at the side of his house , the original bulkhead and a donor later bulkhead were taken over to Johns to see if he could work his magic and save the early parts from the original bulkhead .



Donor later bulkhead



Wooden jig built for repairs to Bedford bulkhead with sub chassis fixed in place



Centre section of bulkhead fitted into jig



New replacement floor panels fitted



Inner wheel arch and passenger toe plates fitted



Door pillar and foot well top plate fitted



Work on drivers side inner wheel arch and steel work to attach to cab wood work



Finnish welded bulkhead prior to shot blasting showing the new steel and some of the differences between early and late bulkheads .

1) Center section has an extra reinforcing pressing on the right side

2) Speedo cable and wiring loom holes all diffrent to match early dash panel

3) Door pillars have fittings for canvas cab doors

4) Passenger side toe plate smooth ,later bulkheads are fitted with angled reinforcing plates




Finished bulkhead after shot blasting and first coat of red oxide primer at this stage there are sixty hours labour on the bulkhead repairs





Test fitting of cab floor plates


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Very impressive,

I bet that took some time to do, and it is good to find someone who can still do this sort of metal bashing (they are becoming fewer as time goes on)

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Thanks Richard

The bulkhead took sixty hours to get to the stage in the photos ,still a lot of finnishing work to do but i am very impressed with the job so far

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Firstly - Kudos for wanting to keep the old girl original.  Everyone has their favourite threads but I had to admit I have a real soft spot for those bringing a pile of little more than rust back to life and yet also keeping it original.

Secondly - I never cease to be amazed a the skills that still exist in shed and little workshops, I take my hat off to all those who who beaver away in shed keeping true engineering alive.

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Thanks very much for your intrest , the Bedford MW seams to be the most popular of the war time 15cwt trucks with higher numbers makeing it into preservation but correctly restored aero screen MWD trucks are fairly scarce ,hopeful when finnished it will be  around one of about twenty trucks left .

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