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  1. tailend

    Dodge WC Carbs

    Are they Zenith or Carter?
  2. tailend

    Fury give away!

    Had to give it a try!
  3. tailend

    Rushden Cavalcade

    I will be going all 3 days, 1st rally outing for bike after 2 years restoration.
  4. tailend

    Another Cotswolds Jeep

    Photos of jeep from long ago. The one with the Summer hood up was not long after I bought it, the markings were copied off a photograph of a jeep. The one with my partner driving was at a local fete in about 1984. The one parked outside a ministry building was at a rehearsal for a 40s do The screen down version was at RAF Chicksands.
  5. tailend

    Another Cotswolds Jeep

    I used to own this!!! I bought it in 1982 and had it for about 10 years. In those days it was marked up as Military Police 11th Armoured Division. Will put a couple of photos on as soon as I can.