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  1. Skipv6797

    Ferret commander's seat - won't go down

    Matt, We had a customers ferret over here in the U.S. with week lever return springs. I would recommend changing the springs if you are going to rebuild the seat. I want to say on a side note that I have bought alot of parts from Matt and his service is top notch. Thanks for everything Matt.
  2. Skipv6797

    Ferret mk 1/2 delivery USA

    Nice MK 1/2
  3. Skipv6797

    Saladin 04CC45 Powerpack

    Hi Bob, Yes I'm part of the group and the co-owner of REME Depot. You can send the photos to skip@remedepot.com. Send as many aa you like because we may see something new on your we have not seen before. If you ever need anything or any help please let me or James know. Regards, Skip
  4. Skipv6797

    Saladin 04CC45 Powerpack

    Bob, Great looking Saladin. Any chance of getting photos of the inside. Regards, Skip
  5. Skipv6797

    02 CC 90 Daimler Ferret

    Any new updates on the project? How is the John Deer seal working? Regards
  6. Skipv6797

    Saladin 01CC48 Birthday gift!

    That was a hell of a day. We had a great time.
  7. Skipv6797

    Bren gun mount

    Ok all I know this is a TALL order. I have a Bren and the upper part of the mount that the gun sets in. I need the lower U pintl part of thr mount. I would buy the complete mount if need be. Regards, Skip
  8. Skipv6797


    Yea I know. I was really looking for a Saladin project.
  9. Skipv6797


    Richard Wilson is not selling the one he has on milweb. That is what he said when I sent him an email.
  10. Skipv6797

    Ferret Backfiring

    Tankdriver, Could you take some photos of the modification you did and list the parts you used. regards, Skip
  11. Skipv6797

    Shop Manual

    Does anyone have a copy or know where I can obtain a copy of a shop manual for the Saladin? The only manual I can find is the field repair manual.
  12. Skipv6797

    Torque Motor

    Hi all, I am looking for a Torque Amplifier Motor for my Saladin. I think this is the part number 6105-99-805-3761 Regards, Skip
  13. Skipv6797

    Saladin Muffler

    Ok all I am going ask the question I think I know the answer to. Does anyone know where or if anyone is making mufflers for the Saladin. We need three for the Saladin's we have in Texas.
  14. Skipv6797

    Saladin 01CC48

    Don't forget the AFV Houston detachment. Ferrets and Fox standing by.
  15. Skipv6797

    Ferret break relay.

    A friend needs one his is bad.