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  1. HI A good mate needs to renew his insurance on his landy, he tried classifying but they said no do to the fact he may get called out by CPU (we are both in RAYNET) can any of you get him the heads up who would insure him for all of our needs. Gerald G7HNM
  2. I will be on my way down from Lincolnshire Thursday afternoon then stopping down on the coast till the Friday then back up to the Military Odyssey. Land Rover FFR 30 Sig Regt Sat Coms 73 de Wolfie
  3. wolfie

    My Display @ Lineside show

    Hi Piet Please send me all the info via P/M. Regards Gerald gerald@hnmve.f9.co.uk
  4. wolfie

    My Display @ Lineside show

    Tnx's Baz Regards Gerald
  5. wolfie

    My Display @ Lineside show

    Hi Yes all are working & I go on air with them from home & @ shows. My ham radio callsign is G7HNM plus I've got more ex army radio's @ home which are too big & need 240v for showing. Regards Gerald
  6. wolfie

    My Display @ Lineside show

    Hi Joris Glad you liked my photo here is a few more. The show was to make money for the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. Regards Gerald
  7. Hi All Here goes my 1st photo of my display. Regards Gerald
  8. Great photo's Now here's mine. Gerald
  9. This is a small show on the A1121 1mile from the A17 @ Swineshead Bridge Lincs. All are welcome just turn up. All monies go to the Lincs & Notts Air Ambulance. Gerald
  10. Hi Over the weekend of 26/27 July 2008 we have a 40's w/end @ the Thorpe camp vistors center just 2 miles from RAF woodhall Spa & 3 miles from RAF Coninsby home of BBMF in Lincolnshire. More info from John @ spitfire24@lineone.net Gerald
  11. wolfie

    HI from Gerald Greatrix

    Hi Gareth I hope so, the dog now goes home @ the weekend. Still got 2 landys. Lineside show is on 6/7 oct & your more then welcome along with anybody from this forum. Gerald
  12. wolfie

    Bunker Bash 2008 (17/18th May)

    Safariswing Cannot get a PM off to you only getting 3 letters of the verification code with the speech promgram help. Gerald
  13. wolfie

    HI from Gerald Greatrix

    The mast is a 12mtr & the shutter speed was 15 seconds. Gerald
  14. wolfie

    HI from Gerald Greatrix

    Hi My web site URL is http://www.g7hnm.piczo.com. Will try pm again. Gerald P.S. this photo was taken at 23:30 just with moonlight
  15. Hi Everbody My name is Gerald & I live in Lincolnshire my vehicle is a Land Rover 110 V8 G.S. mil reg 16KJ42 ex R.A. Germany plugs I have a display of clansman radio's plus some racal HF sets wich I use on air as I'm a radio ham callsign G7HNM. Safariswing: I have sent you a pm(I hope) about the Bunker Bash 2008. Regards Gerald