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  1. Hi Lynn,not sold as yet,still have both matadors,i have djs 965d still in my workshop, cab wood,and floor are done,rear springs sorted along with various bits,was side tracked by a mk1 militant (got it for the crane)which you can see on my facebook:s.b.engineering services ltd. on its maiden run to my local fair.still slowly progressing but thought the other one might go to someone to restore,which is undercover and untouched since i got her.work keeps getting in the way of fun tho!.cheers scott.
  2. Thanks,its a long road but worth it for these lovely old trucks.scott.heres a couple of the militant at the local show in the summer still work in progress but good to warm up that 11.3 aec lump.scott
  3. Hi,I have one for sale,I make these, has a moving sprung loaded cocking handle,adjustable sight and lid to place ammo.oxford area(uk).£450.mount made just to suit my millitant(axle stand used just to display in my workshop).scott.01993882215.
  4. For sale, my meteor mk4b engine,intended to get this running as a static display,but other projects and space mean it needs to go.£7000 ono.oxford area. scott on 01993882215 daytime, mob. 07444399426
  5. Thanks,been looking at your pics too so I know what else i might have to tackle on the Milly,plenty still to do before the maiden voyage.Scott.
  6. Thanks,slow progress,work gets in the way!Scott.
  7. Hi Nick,just fitting second roof skin to the Matador so that can be painted,Milly is turned round now so I can sort the other leg(rams from Ramco)and paint the cab ,weather permitting, so may be a while!.Look forward to seeing progress on yours too.Scott.
  8. Hi Nick saw this box on ebay ,if correct might save you a few quid. milly gearbox ebay no:272417423558.scott
  9. Thanks for posting the pics Ian, your Tilly is looking great, they remind me I have got a few things done!The militant project has slowed my progress on the Matador,but it lives outside and the crane is a bonus for all the heavy parts plus couldnt resist another Aec.Hope to get more painted before winter and start sorting electrics etc.Scott.
  10. Hi Neil,watching your restoration with great interest you are doing a great job,I have a similar problem with my Mk 1 militant fitted with an atlas crane,just removed the roof panel which as one piece round the cupola,mine doesnt have the mg ring mounts tho, but had gone at all the edges and i intend to rivet back a slightly oversize panel and weld back the retaining ring round the cupola.I will have to do a windscreen too as drivers side is broken,gotta find out where all the electrics go to as not sure,and nothing works!best with your restoration.scott
  11. Hi all, selling my Aec Matador to help fund my other matador restoration currently in progress. 1943, 0853 4824,wartime contract V4759 running chassis cab,needing complete restoration, low speed diffs,was used as a tow truck and not registered at moment.picture shows it when it came to my workshop,and has been stored undercover since. Offers.Thanks Scott call to view.01993882215 daytime 01993881805 eves.N.oxford area.
  12. Thanks Wally,wasnt sure what would be on the card for the money,I have a good date now and the census number for when i eventually get to paint the cab.Thanks Scott.
  13. Thanks Mel, its nice to know theres a few left from the same contract ,be a while before i finish tho ,more pics soon.scott
  14. Thanks Ill have a look at that.scott.
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