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  1. looking great Scot Super to see them coming back to life
  2. Did she sell?. If so are they restoring her? Lynn.
  3. Scott, What a difference, She's looking great. You are doing a brilliant job and I am so pleased to see her coming on so well. I can't wait till she's ready for the road. Your'e going to love driving her. Thank you for bringing her back to life. She so deserves another chance. Lynn
  4. Next job, the cab roof. She's looking great. Keep up the good work
  5. Hiya, Just wondered how the restoration was going. Any more pics yet. Lynn:-)
  6. I have posted some photos of the 2 aec's that you are restoring in my album AEC on my profile page. I am really looking forward to seeing them come back to life again. Keep up the good work. :-) Lynn
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