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  1. Well the seat frame on mine is black but in view of the way James seemed to spray nearly everything. I'd say it should be service colour. If you compare the blackout mask on this picture with what you can see of the saddle frame....It's definitely different.(so not black to my eyes).

     I think the saddles and cover were made by Mansfield, which is academic really. It's just a case of finding the best Rexene (good luck) or look alike around.  Ron   


  2. Unfortunately the 3HW parts list is only partially illustrated. The 3HW shares the same frame as the 3/5SW's and its pre-war predecessors. (forks are different). The 1939 parts list has this illustration but they use the same drawing for both the light and heavy weight bikes.....So probably not much help. 

    There is a plastic kit on the market.  Ron




  3. On 5/27/2020 at 9:13 PM, flyingfleasteve said:


    I am furiously looking for the correct decompression lever so I can start piecing together the handle bar set up, but the search continues.....


    Before I found my original decompressor I bought a similar looking trigger which I filed to shape, and handlebar clamp and started to make a reasonable look alike. (It's slightly bigger than a genuine James lever)  I can't remember what I paid for the parts but if it's any good as a temp? ......A tenner plus post. Ron



  4. Fortunately for me, the OD paint on my NOS ML headlamp was in perfect condition and a near match to the OD I used for the bike. I often wondered what the stenciling meant? And what is the white dot with broken blue line for?? Ron 

    ML 023.jpg


  5. Uh Oh! Personally I couldn't cope with fitting the wrong size wheels/tyre. They might look odd in their mudguards too. I'd approach someone like Brickwood or Willis Wheels and see if they will give a small allowance on those rims and spokes, which are still effectively new and can easily be used again. Ron 

  6. Dave the last frame number issued to the WO was 8500. There was an additional 1500 from the last contract that were canceled which still only take the frame numbers to 10,000. But I believe the ML continued being supplied to the civilian market (with civy amendments) till 1948.  Ron

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