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  1. Other vehicles included three very nice GMC's, a military Harley, some really well prepared Jeeps and a mint Landrover!
  2. Great day today, the sun came out and cash was raised for a very worthy cause! My Ferret 00EC18 and Micks Spartan.
  3. What sort of time is your time is your Dad thinking of kicking off? Topped up the transfer box, gearbox and main engine today and all grease nipples on the suspension. The only thing i have not carried out is the hubs, but its only done 40-50 miles since last top up so should be fine. Even took Caroline for a spin this afternoon. Regards, Si, OOEC18 Back in business!
  4. Hi Bob, Sorry for the delay, not been around for a while. My emaill address is simondawson8@aol.com Many thanks,
  5. Hi Lewis, I should be there, want to go in convey? Hopefully the Ferret will make it without gear slippage!
  6. Hi Alan, thats my Mk 1/2 Ferret in your pic. Such a great weekend, and even though we were in the far corner we had so many people taking a look around. Simon
  7. If one day he forgets how to drive his spartan, give me a shout and i'll move it for him!!!
  8. Good morning all, Does anyone else remember a fully working DUKW at Wickstead Park in Northamptonshire back in the 80's. I remember going there and having a ride out onto the lake. I asked a couple of years ago if it was still there but alas no one knew of it or could tell me anything about it. It probably went up for sale once the health and safety lot got their teeth into it!!!!!! Regards, Simon OOEC18
  9. Nice job. Looks like that is the way forward. Regards,
  10. Good evening all, Does anyone know where I can obtain regimental stickers? Im after one from the 10th Gurkha Rifles, around 5x8inch but just cannot find anywhere that produce such an item. If all else fails I will have to resort to blowing up a thumbnail version and printing it out on sticker paper!! Regards, Simon OOEC18
  11. Many thanks to both Andy and Iain for all the help on this matter. Would I be correct in thinking that I could, in theory, connect the single wire from the ariel mount directly to the antenna clip on the 320? It seems to work if I use a throw out wire strung from trees etc around the garden? Kind regards, Simon OOEC18
  12. Good evening all, Many thanks for all your help on this subject. The tuam i have appears to be differant from the one posted earlier and has no connections on the rear (see pic) I am now thinking of mounting in the 353 but not wiring it up, however what I may do is mount my 320 alongside. Is it possible to wire the ariel directly to the 320 via the knurled knob on the side? (see pic)?
  13. Thanks Andy, you have just confirmed my mounts cannot be correct, mine do not have the metal piece underneath, do you know where I can get hold of a couple? Regards, Simon OOEC18
  14. Thanks for that Andy, I will give them a shout. At the moment mine does not have any tray at all, just the thin sheet steel over the gearbox. Having looked through the PDF posted earlier (many thanks) it would seem that the installation kits I have must be wrong as it clearly shows a coax connection going towards the mount. The mounts I have are clansman type and the installation kits came with tails that have a plastic threaded piece that screws into the mount, however the wire is just standard multi strand and NOT coax. It terminiates into a disc which is covered in solder which make contact with the ariel. I cannot understand how it you would connect this to the tuam if its not coax????
  15. Good morning all, Has anyone experiance of fitting a Clansman Set-up in Ferret's? I have a working 353 and 321 along with all connections etc and am slightly bemused as to how the tail from the arial base mount fits to the tuam. The tail is standard multi strand wire (not coax) so im not sure how it terminates at the tuam as all the ports are of the coax type?(except the earth) Also, how do the other ariel mounts (the ones with the screw down knurled caps) fit into the wiring? I understand they are for connecting up stand alone units in the field etc, but im at a loss as to how they wire into the ariel unit? On another note, does anyone know of any dealers that have any radio trays left? I have searched for ages and paced up and down the stalls at W&P but to no avail. I have seen the dimensions etc on the main Ferret site so it maybe that I will have to make one. If im doing that, is there anyone else out there that needs one as it would seems silly just to make a one off. Not sure about the price yet, I would have to cost up the steel etc. Kind regards, Simon Dawson OOEC18
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