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  1. Did'nt go last year because of a house move to the North West of England but will be attending this year. I can concur with this post regards certain marshals who turn a blind eye to persons flouting the rules.In 2013 (the first Folkstone camp)the dust was like being in a sandstorm and the word around was to slow right down on vehicle movements. We had some marshals situated about 100 yards from us and we're quite vocal with their demands to keep your speed down. One of our camp mates reported these two youths on the motor bikes/scramblers only to be told that they couldn't do anything about it. .
  2. Hi, my son bought a Saracen last year but I cannot remember the army vrn , soon as I find out I will let you know
  3. Nice to see.I am helping my son to get a Bedford RL with a Hiab crane back to its former glory.He has managed to collect a lot of NOS cab panels for the rebuild.Well done,lets have a lot more pic's.We will start putting pic's on when we start.
  4. Nice picture (It is an AFS Bedford) looks really well. Chazarooney
  5. Hi When I got mine issued tome in 1970 (1 & 3 Training Regiment,Southwood Camp)It was one size fits all? Chazarooney:
  6. Just a little bit about me - I served 22 years in the colours and 3 years in the TAVR - 1970 -1992 &92 -95 .Not bad for someone who was told "You will only last six months".I served in all the major places within the British Army spere of operations with the Royal Engineers.Baor - N I -Cyprus - Shape - Sinai and of course good ole blighty. Most memorable posting was SHAPE.First time working with our cousins from across the pond,some are well trained and some are well, I will be a gentleman and will not say any more on the subject. At present I am helping my son (Dagenham Dave) to restore tow Bedfords - 1 is an ex AFS RL(It did serve with the army at some point in time) and number 2 is a RL with a hiab crane.
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