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  1. I remember seeing this QL on Milweb. If I remember, it was for sale at Greenlaw in the Scottish Borders. As mentioned above, the Shopland collection has an Austin K5 restored as a portee. This K5 also came from the Scottish Borders (although not directly to Shoplands?) as it was one of several in the council depot at Selkirk, only about 20 miles away as the crow flies from Greenlaw.
  2. Hi. Don't know if this is still an ongoing project, but found this pic. Various machines, Bedford RL, followed by several RS tippers (first one seems to be towing a piece of plant), Aveling Barford/AEC/Scammell dump trucks, and possibly a Leyland Martian in the background. http://openiso.org/bedford-rl.html Dave.
  3. Found a link with a Bedford Tipper. http://www.panzerbaer.de/helper/uk_fv13100_bedford_rl-a.htm
  4. Sorry, but I'd never heard of an RS. Found the link below which describes the spec. http://www.baor.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=28&Itemid=29 Dave.
  5. Hi Adrain, I could be talking rubbish, but fairly I'm sure I read it in an old copy of MilitaryMachines International. I seem to recall that they said it was for the Sexton, but if I'm not mistaken, Sextons didn't use Multibanks? I'm not "in the know". I just read a lot and watch you guys in awe. Dave
  6. Just been browsing the net, and saw that Cobbatons Sherman M4A4 is back on tracks, apparently for the Fury film. As it still has battle damage, I assume that it hasnt been restored, but I'm sure I read that the also have a crated Multibank. Could this mean a step closer to putting together a British tank Troop / Squadron? (I know shermans were American, but you know what I mean.) Dave.
  7. Hi Rick, Your PM box is full. Re Churchill track. Regards Dave
  8. Hi All, Earlier in this thread there was information about Churchill tanks being tested at Stobbs Camp in the Scottish Borders. By coincedence, yesterday my supervisor came in to work. He, and some friends had been exploring the site of the camp. they found lots of spent bullets etc, - and the remains of a tank which had been used for target practice. Although he's not an enthusiast, he reckons that it's a Churchill. Apparently badly shot up, but still tracks there. He didn't take pictures, but he intends to revisit the sight, so I've asked if he can get some. I haven't seen this on any of the survivors lists. Stobbs was in use until 1959, so whatever it is, it seems likely that it's a piece of WW2 armour. Anyone heard of this one? Dave.
  9. I think that the installation of 22 set (or other) was quite involved for an Airborne jeep. It involved lowering the left rear innner wing by about 2 inches as well as drilling. This was to allow for fitting under the mainspar of a horsa glider. I guess most modern jeep owners wont really need to do this as accurately. the website below is interesting reading, and I'm sure does refer to this in the rebuild. http://www.goatpark.force9.co.uk/tempsite/home.htm Dave.
  10. hi A believe that it would have been the ex range restoration done by C& C services. There was an article about it in MMI way back in 2001. I seem to remember that it was mentioned on this forum that it was going to the States. Dave.
  11. Hi RAFMT Here's the link to the update about the planes name. http://www.wittmanairport.com/2014/01/baslers-d-day-c-47-whats-name/ Dave.
  12. Hi Folks, You here many stories about Jeeps etc being first ashore at D Day, but this Douglas C47, which has definite providance (even if the nose art name is actually misquoted, it was actually "Thats all brothers"), is due for a rebuild as a "modern" turbo aircraft. While it would ensure that the aircraft still existed, it would be changed beyond recognition from the historic warbird that it deserves to be. Hope someone takes it on. http://www.wittmanairport.com/2013/09/what-future-for-d-day-leading-c-47/#more-1175 Dave.
  13. Woud be great though, wouldn't it? W&P 2015, 3 cromwells and a Challenger. Anyone know if anything has happened with the ex IOW one? Sorry if its off topic, I'm just in awe of what you guys achieve. Dave.
  14. You haven't found an A30 Challanger to go with the Cromwells? That would be awesome. Dave.
  15. Hi all. Really interesting thread. A few years ago I was trying to find the fate of the Chorsley Horsa.As far as I know that it members of North East Air Museum were involved in its rescue, and that it went to Mosquito Air Museum. Can anyone confirm this? Afterwards, I was told that it had gone to Holland. Does anyone know if it definitely ended up as part of the Pegusas Bridge replica? My interest is that Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum have a restored Horsa fuselage section (not currently on sight) which had been used as a caravan in Wales, and was rescued by members of 2 Para. Its 17 feet long, but is the rear piece of the fuselage. The Museum was going to get a replica cockpit from the Assault Glider Trust at Shawbury, but didnt have the bit in between. The Chorsley section if combined would have made a complete fuselage a possibility. The Museum at Dumfries has Scotlands only Airborne museum(albeit in a portacabin), and 7th (Galloway) Battalion Kings Own Scottish Borderers, who flew in Horsas on Operation Market Garden were from this area. Any info on this, or other surviving pieces would be interesting. Cheers Dave.
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