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  1. It's a great feeling when they burst into life like that! It looks really good and I'll add a second belt in the same way that you have. Richard
  2. Looks lovely as ever. Just a word of warning about the fan and fan belt. We tried to attend a Poppy Day event but broke down on the way there as the fan belt shredded. It turns out that the alignment between the engine, gearbox pulley and fan pulley is critical as if it is out the belt can creep and self destruct. When I refit the new one I'm going to use an incinometer to make sure it's spot on! Richard
  3. I worked on a government site near Heathrow and all our buildings had 2 letter codes. ZA,DA,HA, etc. The letters bore no relationship to their use and didn't seem to be based on any grid so we never knew how they were labelled. They had certainly been there for some time as the site was in use during the war
  4. Hi Try Graham at PTS Norfolk http://www.ptsnorfolk.co.uk/index.php/12/536262/ Good bloke - always happy to help
  5. Hi The RBJ plugs are avaialable from Ellison Electronics (tel 01277 626300) Their reference is SBMS3106E2219P. It's a 14 pin connector but not all the pins are used. Richard
  6. That's really looking good. This winter's job here is to clean and refurbish the turret internals and I'd like that to involve taking the tube and breech out as you have done. Is it possible to do without removing the turret? It's an offence here to reactivate a deactivated firearm so I won't be drilling the plug out but it's interesting to see how it can be done. Any tips that would help Quick picture of mine at the Rememberance Day collection in Plymouth
  7. Hi Robin There are two stubs on the radiator that fit into the trunnions. They are hollow but there are two elongated slots cut into them which, when the radator is lying flat, line up with the input/output of the trunnions. This allows water circulation through the radiator. I've run the engine with the radiator up whilst checking the gearbox compartment but no more than a fast idle and not for long. No problems so far Richard
  8. Hi 

    Just reading your reply regarding the RB44 double cab fire engine, I hav e one in my barn and it has fitted from new a small block Chevy 5.7ltr V8 fitted to a 3 speed automatic gearbox.

    who was after one as I could be persuaded to part with her for the right money?

    all best CharlieFarley

  9. Hi Phil It took me about four years to find the wing mirror brackets! I have dimensions if it helps Richard
  10. There's quite a lot of WW2 history in the area as troops trained and embarked in the area. There are concrete landing craft at Braunton Burrows which the US troops used to practice embarkation and disembarkation. Slapton Sands in south Devon was the site of the disaster of Exercise Tiger when 750 US servicemen died during a training exercise. There is the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry Museum in Bodmin (and a steam railway) and private museums at Cobbaton and Davidstowe. Hope this helps Richard
  11. Thanks Chris For some reason I thought that it went out when the engine revs increased. Brain Fade! Richard
  12. Hi I've recently removed the bulkhead on the Scorpion and when it was reinstalled the generator light on the master switch unit does not go out. The light on driver's instrument panel does and the relay that cuts in at the beginning in the control box on the bulkhead can be heard. I don't think that I have disturbed anything and all the plugs appear to be correctly connected. Is there a way that I can put a multimeter anywhere to establish charging or does anyone have any ideas why the problem has arisen? Many thanks Richard
  13. Hi Phil I recognise the brake pipework! We did the same and remade them from copper rather than the steel originals. All much better now. Your gearbox bay is immaculate Best wishes Richard
  14. Setting off tomorrow from Cornwall. I've always enjoyed the show at both locations. It's a chance to meet friends, poke around stalls and see stuff that I wouldn't see otherwise. I usually come back with things I didn't know I needed and ideas for jobs to do over the winter. Paid in to a group toilet hire so that nightmare is sorted!
  15. Hi I’m having a problem stopping oil leaking from the joints on the steering and main brake pipes where they pass through the bottom bulkhead into the gearbox area. what type of flare should I put on the pipe and is there anything special or difficult about this joint? many thanks Richard
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