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  1. Ok... so Horsham jeep fell through!!! might now be looking at possible transporter from Dundee area to Liverpool... seems decent jeeps don’t come up for sale in the North West🤷🏽‍♂️... suggestions welcome., thanks
  2. Help not needed now, sale fell through..
  3. Anybody?? near Horsham West Sussex?? Cheers
  4. Hi All,Does anyone live near Horsham (UK) who, if needed, could look over a Hotchkiss and check it out for me?Pm me if you canCheers
  5. Very handy having access to mot history Website, looked at it many times myself and they are very illuminating indeed from what a sellers description says!!
  6. Keep a lookout on Milweb, don’t know where this one is based but sounds ok.. https://www.milweb.net/classifieds/view_large.php?ad=98464&cat=14
  7. there are quite a few out there https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/284505189234683/ https://www.carandclassic.co.uk/list/28/lightweight/
  8. OMG thanks Nick, got to find the owner now for a chat. It’s a lot different to when I had it in the early 70’s!
  9. and still in the UK.....
  10. Good to hear it’s still about, hopefully someone knows who now owns it!
  11. Hi all, Just seeing if anyone here owns my old 42 MB reg 6640 WW? Would love to hear from you if you do Nick
  12. Try Facebook Market Place and type in Willys Jeep... a decent one in Huddersfield
  13. Hi All, Am still on the lookout for a decent Hotchkiss/Willys or one thats’s been stored for some time and needs recommissioning.. PM me if you have one for sale or know of one that may be.. Cheers
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