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  1. Hi All, Am still on the lookout for a decent Hotchkiss/Willys or one thats’s been stored for some time and needs recommissioning.. PM me if you have one for sale or know of one that may be.. Cheers
  2. Did ring you and sent text but got no answer...?
  3. just an update, I spoke to this chap again today and he’s going to let me know what he decides on Sunday as well as price. I knew about the rewiring it needs but it also needs an engine bearing replacing as well apparently! Not sure how big a job that is as I suspect anyone doing it will also want to replace other things while they’re at it which I’ll have to factor into my budget and then assess viability. He has a spare engine (why?) that will be included in sale price together with lots of other spare bits he’s amasses since he bought it in 2006 then garaged it..... If price is right and it leaves me room to outsource the major work then I’ll go and see it next week all being well and take some pics. It’s a Willys chassis but Ford body and he says registered as a Ford which surprised me as V5’s are based on Chassis and engine numbers I always thought.. unless WW2 jeeps are different??? More later..
  4. Spotted these two nice looking Hotchkiss in Liverpool yesterday..
  5. Cheers guys, I’ll hopefully give an update in a couple of months on it unless something else turns up in the meantime. I’m greatly encouraged by your feedback... hope he doesn’t want an exorbitant sum for it!! thanks again
  6. Cheers Jerry, sound advice... P.m me your address and and I’ll ring you when I get more info and pics on it and then venture down to see you and discuss.... Nick
  7. Hope fully there's one in sight, just spoke to a chap who apparently bought an MB in 2006 with view to stripping down repaint (in gloss!!!!!) as something to do in retirement .... BUT he never retired and realistically won't get round to doing it now. I won't have full details for a couple of months (I can wait that long!) but gather it's still a 6v, could do with rewiring (don't know why?) and wings bolting on as he had some engine work done when he got it... Tub solid, tyres were new I'm told. Hopefully he won't want silly money for it as I'd have to ship it out to get the wiring done, and then give it a bit of basic recommissioning to get it up and running again.... Keeping my fingers crossed....
  8. Cheers, I'm looking at transport for a possible jeep..
  9. Hi, just enquiring if anyone can recommend possible and competetively priced transportation from Totnes to Liverpool?
  10. just enquiring if anyone recommends possible and competetive priced transport from Totnes to Liverpool?
  11. Thanks guys, I have sent the chap on milweb a note and am also in touch with Rob Uren (nice guy) who is helping with my search..
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