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  1. Thanks guys, I have sent the chap on milweb a note and am also in touch with Rob Uren (nice guy) who is helping with my search..
  2. cheers Jerry, I agree that prices seem to have crept up but question how many actually get their asking price as they seem to be for sale for a very long time! Decent ones at reasonable prices do come up so it’s a a question of biding time and being patient by the look of it.. and trying to be quick off the mark when one does come up... or even better and get the heads up on one before it gets to market...😁
  3. New Years bump up.... saw a few advertised recently but prices weren’t negotiable unfortunately for my £13k budget
  4. Hi, thanks for the note, I did see this and contacted the owner who would negotiate a little but not a lot as he only just posted it... I’m watching it😊
  5. Thanks for that, I saw this in December and immediately contacted the seller who had a buyer from Dundee taking it...,..
  6. Agreed, hence the wanted ad..... so I get ahead of everyone else who wants one 😂😂
  7. you’re right there are MANY good jeeps out there but all seem to be £18k and MANY a LOT higher.... unfortunately my budget goes upto £14k...
  8. Hi, I’m after a decent Willys/Hotchkiss jeep, must be running and preferably nothing that needs welding as I don’t have the skills for that! I’m based in the North of England but don’t mind travelling for the right vehicle, please pm me if you have one for sale or know of one that is.. I’m a private buyer who has been watching out for one for to long now and aware I’m getting too long in the tooth if nothing turns up soon.. Cheers all and a Happy New year.
  9. Still on the lookout for a jeep alas, please feel free to contact me if anyone has one for sale or knows of one that might be. The one I got a heads up on above, unfortunately the chap was asking too much for it for me .
  10. they use this site for their results but haven’t received them yet.. https://www.glenmarch.com/auctions/results/848
  11. Now I am jealous, I’ve always been wary of auctions but that looked a good jeep for the money and at the budget I’ve set myself, be interesting to see what the MB at Matthewsons auction house went for on Saturday...
  12. Someone got a great buy there ... not that I’m jealous.. 😢
  13. Thanks Jerry, have dropped you a text and will call you, Cheers Nick
  14. not registered.. not sure about paperwork at the moment...
  15. Hi all, Been offered hotchkiss jeep that’s been in a museum for 30+ years and only done 300mls since it left the French factory in 1970. Suffice to say everything is like new. Q. Asides from oils etc etc and sensibly checking everything before trying to start it up, is it a worthwhile undertaking for someone with basic skills and if I did what else to consider.
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