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  1. I hope to get our mechanical fuel pump re-furbed and put back on as I like to keep her how she should be. Today I found that the braided fuel line my boss got off eBay is so thin it is cracking. I have changed it today and we are off to wicksteed ar war for the weekend so I'll see how she goes.
  2. Hi everyone. we have an M1A1 Ward Lafrance 8.2 petrol. I've removed the mechanical fuel pump and fitted a 4psi electric Facet fuel pump. The fuel from the twin tanks come up to the T piece change over switch. Then onto the Facet fuel pump and that blows into a tractor glass bowl and then onto the carb. The reason for the glass bowl is that we us the fuel from scrap cars (breakers yard) I do have probs with rust in the tanks and water. I have flushed the tanks lots and it's now the best I can see. The problem I'm having and it's a problem I've had for a long time even before fitting the glass inspection bowl is that she starts ok, runs well on a drive but when back at the yard on idle she stalls and won't re start. Yesterday I Blew air back to the tanks to clean the pipes and then pressurise the tank while starting to get the fuel to come threw before she would start. Then she sat on tick over for ages. I no for sure if I take her for a run she will stall when I get back. I have been told of possible fuel evaporation so I've wrapped all the pipes. Today I looked up and I can get a 7 to 10 psi Facet pump. Do you think my 4psi pump is struggling on idle ? Or is there any other things I can try. thanks, Pete.
  3. Hi all, I'm now looking for a Radiator and rad fan complete with bearing etc for a Ward Lafrance M1A1 from a Petrol engine continental 22R. Our rad fan decided yesterday it wanted to be closer to the rad. In fact very close. It sheared its bearing and hit the rad, then dropped and chewed the rad up and tore the belt along the way. I managed to get into a layby and got towed back behind our recovery truck. Many thanks in advance, Pete.
  4. I will be there with our Ward Lafrance wrecker, come say hi.
  5. Thanks for the help. <br> Our ward has had a re-wire on the lighting side before I got it. There is a hidden 7 pin trailor socket under the back. I had it all tested and then fixed a 7 pin plug to a flashing beacon so when I turn lights on the beacon works.<br>all I would need is a short extension lead to run the complete lights for my caravan.<br> The fabrication would be easy and I hope to make it removable. Tootall Mike warned me that I needed a suspension hitch. Our Ward will cruise at 40mph so would I need a slow vehicle sign ?<br>I would have liked a living wagon but that may not look good behind a tank recovery vehicle.<br><br>Ok, another question <br> Are recovery A frames ok, or am I pushing my luck now.<br>i did think about towing my transit on an A frame, that way I'll have a back up van and I can sleep in the van.<br>The wrecker itself is set up to lift tanks. I did wonder if I could modify something to lift the front of my transit like an old Harvey frost design.<br><br> <img src="http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/attachment.php?attachmentid=126218&stc=1" attachmentid="126218" alt="" id="vbattach_126218" class="previewthumb">
  6. Do any of you guys tow modern caravans or modern trailors with your commercial MV. I have a ward Lafrance wrecker and often get the problem of getting the wrecker and my caravan to shows. is it legal to modify a tow bar to fit on and tow a caravan with a MV ? Can anyone post pics of modified towbars if you have ? I've seen some suspension hitches on lorrys, does anyone have one and where would I get one ? thanks, Pete
  7. Hi mate, welcome. i am from Cambridge. 1943 Ward Lafrance Wrecker.
  8. After a great meet with Tootall Mike Gillman at our yard, I learnt so much from him about our Ward Lafrance. Thank you Mike for coming over. One thing Mike pointed out is that she is a French Military and had these plates on her. He says it says she was Rebuilt in LeMans in 21,1,64 . number 25. Can anyone tell me anymore about "LeMans" thanks Pete.
  9. I took our Ward Lafrance to IWM for their American air show. They put us on display nr the LWH and not a lot of people went in there, but I guess most came to see the American planes flying. An official told me that if it don't fly the IWM are not interested.
  10. Hi, I'd just like to update this thread incase anyone has similar symptoms. We took our clutch out in the end due to having an ongoing problem. we immediately noticed a crack in the pressure plate. A pain but now we no what the problem was and we can fix it. Thanks everyone. Pete.
  11. Thanks, I've now emailed them.
  12. Hi, we are need of a Clutch Pressure plate and flywheel for our 1943 Ward Lafrance Wrecker. it has the 8.2 Continental Petrol engine. our pressure plate is cracked and we have teeth missing on the flywheel. Any help is much appreciated, pete. 07850445311
  13. After a morning of adjusting everything clutch related with no joy, I ended up removing 1 of 4 shims from each of the 4 clutch retaining bolts. I guess this makes the pressure plate closer to the clutch plate. I now have a clutch again and after a small adjustment on the peddle lever she seems to be ok. Next week I'll give her a gearbox oil Change as she was worse when she got warm, then take her out and hope she is ok changing up and down. Pete.
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