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  1. I'm a Brit living in the States but trying to find plans, diagram, measurements to build a WWII British Airborne Trailer. Can any one help? I have already renovated an 1942 British Airborne MB Jeep. I look forward to your replys.
  2. If you are interested in selling this how much would you be looking for it. What town are you located, giving me post code as well. Thank you for sending me the photographs. very much appreciated.
  3. Thanks for reply will need dimensions etc on tub and frame so when u have it all that will be good. Just didn't want to keep bugging you. Good luck with the moving.
  4. I have an issue of a strong, sometimes, violent vibration when I'm between 35-45 mph. If I then brake to a slow speed say 10mph my jeep comes out of it. Sometimes it shakes the jeep violently and then other times its no where near as bad. I have checked the drive shaft and front wheels to see if anything is lose. Any ideas. I appreciate any help on this. Thank You.
  5. Want to let you know that I have solved the problem it was an earthing issue. I appreciate all of you that replied, thank you.
  6. Just wondering when you think you may have your drawings ready. No hurry just interested and don't want to bug you.
  7. Again I appreciate all the help and enjoy this site very much. One further question is if it is bad grounding then why is it a lot worse when the engine has been driven for 20-30 mins and has got hot, to start it up again?
  8. Yes it is a jeep 1942 Willys MB, 6 volts. I appreciate all the advice and will look into your suggestions. Thanks.
  9. Once turning switch on. When pressing foot switch to turn on starter, the starter sound of turning over sounds sluggish and the hotter the engine the harder it seams to turn. I have put a starter heat insulator sheet between the starter motor and the engine wrapping the starter motor. I have a 6 volt system and it is a new starter motor, sounds as if it needs more amps if this helps my description of the problem. I look forward to any help on this, thank you.
  10. Got scanned copy thank you very much, its going to be handy.
  11. Can you send photos and give me a price and location, thanks. ekim63s@yahoo.com
  12. Can you send me a copy, ekim63s@yahoo.com, thank you so much, very much appreciated. Thanks Mike Sharpe.
  13. Be happy to hang on for the drawings, that's very kind of you. looking forward to seeing them. Very much appreciated.
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