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  1. hi lex phil here do you know where i can get spares for the little bike ie carb batery holder tyre inflater . cheers for the help and dont forget to send me some pics of german army pics with rt100,s see you soon.
  2. thank you lex for the help i,m sure i will be keeping in touch with you as i start to restore the little bike during the winter, and i hope to be going to arnhem next year when i retire so maybe we can link up and ill buy you a beer. speak soon and thanks again. phil west midlands uk.
  3. thanks for the help the engine says 37 behind the kickstart. i need to nova it because i have no paperwork with it at all. i bought it at a military show last weekend.so i know nowt as they say.do you know how to nova a bike so i am the owner to register with dvla. thanks for any help you can help me with,
  4. hi all just bought a dkw 98cc engine says 1937 how do i translate the numbers on the front of the bike what do they mean top number is 459597 next number down is 249563 the 2.5 then 5.0k something need to get a nova help please.
  5. does anyone know where i can get a radiator for my dodge or have mine repaired please in the west midlands. ta :red:
  6. how do i put pictures on my profile so you lot can see how ugly i am and how beautiful my dodge wc 51 is. i know it sounds daft dun it? phil.:undecided:
  7. im sticking with US at the moment just having the wheels shotblasted and cleaned then painted.:-\
  8. phil here again sorted mechanics out, going to malvern sunday to buy paint for my 1943 dodge wc51, but im told there are three shades, so which one and how do i find out. cheers and thanks again for your help. phil four ashes in the forties.
  9. A charity weekend event for the Royal British Legion Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th of May at the Four Ashes Pub, Station Drive, Wolverhampton West Midlands WV10 7BU from11.00 to 16.00 which includes, military and civilian displays and vehicles. Stalls including vintage hats, a hairdresser and dress maker, old fashioned sweets and bunting, entertainment from Cameron (George Formby tribute), Kevin Mac, Miss Laura Bill on the Saturday and they will be joined by Ricky Hunter and Jayne Darling on the Sunday afternoon where we also have a spitfire fly past from the BBMF, Winston Churchill, Monty and
  10. tyres checked now there all 40psi no wobble. hey hey. fixed leaky radiator. running like a dream, thanks for all the info guys.:-D
  11. ive just done the side of my dodge with a brush and its great, then i spray wd40 on it when its dry then rubb it in till its dry that weathers it for the season.
  12. will do what pressure should they be please, and yes i will get a manual thanks again everyone. phil:undecided:
  13. thanks for all the info guys but im afraid i need someone who can do this kind of work for me.
  14. hi just insured my dodge wc51 with bg insurance for 102 pounds and thats with the missus on the policy not that she,ll drive it but you never know. www.bginsurance.co.uk:cheesy:
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