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  1. just found this thread was posted a while ago, how did you get on getting one on the road?
  2. Speed is not an issue I'm used to driving matadors just wanted something of my own.
  3. Reading back on this would it be easiest to get it registered first providing army release form, then take it to an MOT station put it thru and see what they fail it on then make the necessary changes and take it back again?
  4. Why would I have to down rate it if my license allows me to drive a 44 ton lorry? Could I not weld up and bolt on my own under run bars?
  5. Thanks for all the help it sounds like a lot of effort and hassle, was just wanting to rally it! I've got my class one so the 7.5 tonne licence isn't a problem. What about it I wanted to register and use it for showmans use, anyone know anything about that?
  6. Evening all and hi I'm new to the forum, I hope this is the right place to ask these questions, I want to get a british 4x4 4 ton truck with a winch. I have come up with using a bedford mj or a leyland daf 4x4 45. Just wondering what the pros and cons of both trucks are and which would be better. I have my C+E licence. Does the daf have lots of electrical engine management? Is the bedford mot exempt? Which one is easier to get spares for? Thanks for any help anyone has. Ollie
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