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  1. This para smock is now for sale in the classifieds along with a radar dpm sas smock :-)
  2. hi , thanks for the reply , i've got to many military bits of clothing so I'm under orders to reduce my cupboard space , think the wife needs more space to hang clothes up that she never wears , just need a bit of info on era etc before it goes to that well known auction site :-)
  3. I've just been having a rummage through all my older combat clothing having a bit of a clear out as my wife says I've got to much gear when I came across this para smock from when I used to paintball about 30 years ago ago , it's made by a company called Dashmore clothing and has smock parachutist on the label and size 180/104 , any body know what kind of year it's likely to be from , I've also got an sas hooded smock made by a company called radar clothing but I think I may keep that one as it's pretty nice :-)
  4. Just joined today so I thought I'd say hello , I'm interested in all sorts of military kit old and new so hopefully be around the forums a bit :-)
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