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  1. Following the sad demise of my partners Dad, we came across some more photos of '980's doing there thing. Again, we have no idea of when and where these photos were taken. The line-up of 'T's' show the number 4 chalked on the side of the radiators on a large proportion. As with my previous post of a couple of photos, there appear to be no unit identification markings on these vehicles (or the M3 tanks for that matter). The colourised photos are just that - rather crudely applied the ink stains are obvious.
  2. Well, I understand the 'never say never' sentiment but I have a 57ft narrow boat that absorbs all my spare cash. Now, sure if I had a windfall then I would 'take a look around' and see what's available. For now I shall stick to my pipe dreams and scale models and follow the various projects featured on here - especially those Great War lorries. TeeELL
  3. I offer these images for interest, the individual who lent me the originals has no idea why he has them and therefor I cannot offer any history behind them. I guess they are early North Africa as the M3s all appear to be undamaged and both they and the transporter look quite pristine. If anyone can shed light I would be most interested. As I've said in my 'introduce myself' piece I am a 'wannabe' but also a 'nevershallbe' so I make models of the vehicles I am interested in - here then is 'my' interpretation of a 980 and Rogers trailer hauling a Crusader 3. The 'large photos
  4. Hello my name is Tony and I am a retired RAF 'fast jet' pilot and in my latter years a flying instructor on the Hawk. For some reason I have always had a fascination with Great War 'rhomboid' tanks but, more recently, vehicles of the desert war which includes the mighty Diamond T 980/981. I live in the Wiltshire town of Highworth and plan to build the RWY Sherman named after the town. I don't own anything, I've not the money or, more importantly, the skill set. I have read, avidly and enviously, the rebuild of the Thorny J-type, the Cromwell and last night went right through the Diamond
  5. Thanks for all the information. All I had to go on was 'we called it the GMC' and, as I posted when I found the right vehicle by luck (I think I googled light utility vehicles WW2), I found more web sites than you can shake a stick at!! Ordered a book about the thing as I am going to have to scratch build one for his diorama. He drove Bedford QL, Morris commercial, Sherman and the GM Canada. Now I have to source some suitable wheels in 1:76 or 1:72.
  6. Thank you, by amazing coincidence I finally put in a search that revealed the answer, planning to log-on here and post a reply to my own request!! Tony
  7. So, here I am, shiney new member with an interest in WW1 armour. But I am trying to identify a vehicle used by 17 Field Sqn Royal Engineers, in Palestine during 1945. Here is a photo of the vehicle in question: I know the person 'behind the camera' as he was the passenger on this occasion, perhaps the soldier in the photo was the driver who managed to stick the vehicle in the ditch. I have looked at a great many web sites trying to identify this vehicle - refered to by the Engineers as 'the GMC' at the time. It has some vague similarities to the White 4x4 scout car and th
  8. Hello, despite the best part of 40 years piloting RAF aircraft I have an illogical interest in AFVs of the Great War. In addition, I now live in Wiltshire and have discovered that the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry had one of their Shermans called 'HIGHWORTH' - so now I have a more modern 'interest' in finding out about that particular vehicle. I guess that is it for now. TeeELL
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