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  1. Blimey! You guys are good. Thankyou for the info. Yes it is the one at Folkingham. Not sure if it's still there....live about 10 miles from it. Regards GR
  2. Think this old girl is ex RAF. A bit like a short version of a Green Goddess, only not much in the way of visible firefighting equipment. Would love to know what it is, and what it may have served as. Thanks in anticipation GR
  3. Hello to all you hmv fans, Always loved big proper lorries, and off road vehicles, have owned a land rover myself inn the past. Also had the privilege to be able to drive a couple of Green Goddesses across the Humber bridge. Awesome experience, makes you appreciate a little more how modern driver aids make driving easy. Brakes, who needs 'em ? Hoping to gain a bit more knowledge of some the vehicles I've seen fom time to time, especially from the 40's and 50's, and thought this would be a good place to start Regards GR
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