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  1. Eastern front photo shoot. Couldn't resist taking some of the groups vehicles on a photo-shoot this afternoon!
  2. Hi There, we are a German Military owners group based in the Herts/Beds area. We are always looking out for fellow German vehicle owners to join our ranks, would be great to hear from you!
  3. Hi everyone, thought it was about time i posted on here as a friend of mine is a regular poster and has been telling me what a great forum it is. My name is Dave Forde and i run The Panzergrenadiers Wehrmacht Living history & military vehicle group. We have in our collection several vehicles owned by various members from the uk and we show them off regularly during the event season April-Sept. Our vehicles at present include: sdkfz 251(based on an OT810) Sdkfz 222(repro) Citroen U23 utility truck Volkswagen Kubelwagen(Repro) BMW R71(Repro) BMW R75 Truppenfahrrad(bicycle)
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