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  1. Hi Simon, that is a useful looking vehicle. I have not seen them with the artic cab before. Do you know how many were made with cabs ? Have you had it long ?

    Regards David.


    Thank you, I have been told that only 6 were made - it sounds quite unlikely, but I haven't seen another.

    I have also read elsewhere that a handful were made for the MOD operating in Norway? again - I don't know how true that is.


    Its seems to be an oddity and it will be getting restored and used, its in good condition and has been kept very original. There is cab heater and a few modifications to engine to aid cold weather starting.

    I have owned it for less than a month, the picture I uploaded was it being delivered

  2. Starting at 14:40 there is footage of Falklands Eager Beavers. there is a clear shot of the registration of one of them but I cant slow it down to get it.







    That is great footage! I see what you mean, every time I paused it, the reg was just a blur - I am hoping to get someone to look at it frame by frame to read the reg.

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