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  1. Hi

    I wonder if you may be able to help , I have a AFS matchless  G3  that I am trying to find the history on , I know from the matchless club that it was delivered to D60 Stratford Lancashire on 24/5 June 1953 as one of the first batch of  7 bikes  To be evaluated , i cannot find a Stratford in Lancashire or reference to D60 in the AFS ?

    any help would be really appreciated thanks mike 


    1. Surveyor


      There is a Stretford near Urmston if that helps

    2. Mike walburn

      Mike walburn

      Hi yes I live 6 miles from Stretford but the info I have been given very kindly from  a chap on this site says Stratford  in Lancashire 

      Stretford was in Lancashire in 53 before the boundary changes .

      the division is D60 which  I think is the key ,  I have found I think D63 which is Wigan again in Lancashire so it won’t be far away , I think it will be Stretford thanks for your help .

      Regards mike 

    3. Surveyor


      Could be an admin person thought Stratford not Stretford and typed it wrong

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