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  1. Yeh, it was a great place to look round, I think it was 1983 I went there for Jeep spares. There was an article in Wheels and Tracks about the CMP'S. Yeh nowt there now only the Militant, shame
  2. Hey Mtskull, I guess that you are talking about the Brickworks in Bingley? Yeh they had allsorts of stuff there in the 80's. I'm not sure, but I think the Militant is the only MV left. Dave
  3. Make that 13 Chinooks, one flew over Keighley at 3 o'clock yesterday, it was bloody low!!
  4. I was driving on the M65 near the Blackburn A666 junction on Saturday driving west towards Colne. Couldn't belive my eyes, on the back of a lorry was a Wessex. I tried to get the wife to take a photo, but no luck. I got off at the next junction, then came back on, hoping to be behind it, but I think that he must of got of at the same junction. I don't think that it was in great condition, wonder where it was going? Dave
  5. Ron, She's looking mighty fine, and Ben, your going to have one nice and rare bike. Hope to see it in the fleash one day. Dave
  6. Hi Ron and Steve, Thank you both for your answers, sounds very interesting about the slots in the reflector and the amp meter. Guess that I don't need to get a new glass, Ron, it does look very nice Dave
  7. Ron, I was wondering about the Dome versus the Flat glass on the CZ27? I have one that has a flat glass but was wondering if it should have the Domed type? My M20 is Sept 1940. Ron, you have done a nice job on the guage, all the lettering rubbed off mine, and had to get a sticker printed. Dave
  8. Hi Ron and Steve, Sorry Ron, I would like to know about the CZ, but don't want to clog your thread up about BSA's, so I will post on Henk's site. Dave
  9. Thanks for the recommenation Ron, I never thought of the body shop. Yeh, I can remember when Nitromors used to sting, especially when you get it your eye I wear eye protection now. Dave
  10. Hi Ron, Glad that you are on the mend. What sort of paint stripper are you using? It looks to work great, I don't think that Nitromos is all that cracking anymore. Dave
  11. Hi Forgot to put the link, http://www.wdbsa.nl/ Dave
  12. Thanks Ron, Need to do the same on mine. Dave
  13. Hi, You could also try on this forum, it was at first for BSA M20's, but any WD bikes are welcome. You don't need to sign in, just post you question. Dave
  14. Hi Ron, Did you butcher the outer battery carrier, by taken out the middle bar, like on early M20's.? Dave
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