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  1. I used opepe on mine. Hard ish, sustainable and takes paint well. Never heard of it before this.
  2. Here is the link: http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?32426-Potential-bio-fuel-problems-with-DIESEL&p=322366#post322366 Dave.
  3. Welcome Dave. atb Dave from gloucestershire.
  4. Blimey are you going to reverse all the way there. Dave.
  5. Thanks. Yes that's one of the threads but there was another one about what to use to get rid of the bug and where to get it from. Dave.
  6. Anybody tell me where i can find the thread about diesel bug thing. Been looking for ages but cant find it. Thanks. Dave.
  7. Ah MSU 955. Done a few miles in that old girl myself. Very reliable at the time. nice old 680 leyland in her. used to belong to Steve Guest then Geoff Waite and then the reclamation yard where she lies now. Dont know the persons name. Dave
  8. Tell Andy not to give up mine took 12 years and there's still little things to do :wow:
  9. Dont know why they don't show the washer and nut, slip up in the drawing department maybe. I had this happen to mine. Why they come loose i don't know, Brake vibration .? I did get mine apart without removing the gear i got the split pin out but found it impossible to get back in so i used a self locking nut and plenty of lock tight. had to make a spanner to fit. Hope it stays where it is !! Dave
  10. Hello Mike You will have to take the end case off. The fulcrum pin has a taper with a flat washer castle nut and split pin inside the end caseing. Bit of a fiddle to get at without pressing out the hub shaft and removing the gear. Hope this helps. Dave.
  11. up for 2 moz chap

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