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  1. Reply no I am not a tyre kicker !. Now I can understand why some ex military vehicle have got so expensive, value for money. On the other foot I am not prepared to waste my time travelling to visit a vehicle for sale to then offer a price that does not meet the seller's price or accepable, price, where as if a price was stated one knows whether to visit or not.
  2. Looking for roadworthy Bedford MW, prepared to do some restoration but engine, gear boxes, axles, running Need to be fully working, Woodwork and other minor restoration work prepared to do.
  3. Hi, thanks for that reading you details on the vehicle was not surprised it sounded good. Can you advise what price to went for so I have some idea when future vehicles come up for sale.
  4. Hi is the truck still available? .
  5. Hi, Wiltshire so not quite so easy to just pop along. At present have my 96 year old father in hospital. If it does not go on 30th let me defiantly interested. Cash readily available. Will sort out getting there as I am fully retired so time not a real issue. Looking at the write up and the photos can I assume it is fully road going, is it registered etc. Price can understand where you are coming from, I have idea what I am prepared to pay, I current have a restored Ariel W/NG and seen prices vary by £2500. Use email doudledoug@hotmail.co.uk
  6. Is it still available, where in the country do you live.
  7. Been reading with interest, look to get this type of vehicle to fit in with our living history group Airfield somewhere in England. So is it still available
  8. From Wiltshire RAF WW2. Currently looking for Bedford MW.
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