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  1. until

    There is still time to sign up.... and it is free to enter as exhibitor and stallholder. See details on www.panzermuseumeast.dk
  2. until
    Once again Denmarks largest military show will be held at Panzermuseum East in Slagelse, Denmark. See site for more information. MILITARY DAYS 2023 - PANZERMUSEUM EAST Exhibitors are welcome to arrive in the days up to the show. Friday evening 8 SEP barbecue is party for exhibitors only. Contact Allan on allan@panzermuseumeast.dk or Christian on dmkf.materiel@hotmail.com
  3. Lookin to buy following parts for Fiat Campagnola AR59. Blackout drive light for left front wing. Windscreen hold down latches on hood - for when windscreen is folded down. Universal joints for RH drive shaft or complete shaft. Pioneer tools for rear of vehicle. Also any contacts to AR59 parts suppliers.
  4. ...on that subject, I saw this somewhere.....
  5. I am full favor of supporting smaller shows and I hope they grow to be "THE SHOW". Comeing from the continent, if you are going to fork out a lot of money to take a vehicle for a long distance, it has to be for a longer duration than 2 days. I guess same applies to traders. 5 day shows also gives flexability for people to participate for shorter period that suits them. No doubt W&P trust has been lost by many. I for one will be very sceptical and read all small print in case they decide to try and retify 2022 failure and make W&P great again .... 😉
  6. I am sure someone will organise a new 5 day military show again. Maybe a new name, maybe a new venue. The original show was too good to miss for exhibitors, stallholders and guests alike. It is hard to get people to part with their money, but so long as you get value for money, all parties will attend. The above sounds as if the W&P 2023 show has been put to rest for ever, but reading these pages suggests, that the current organisers have made a mess of it and not handled the situation to top marks. County fairs and steam rallies etc. are good places to show military vehicles locally, but an international military show is exactly that and therefore has to be big to be "international" or else "international" won't come. Back to basics ?
  7. Other and smaller shows are great. Some will grow into larger shows, some can/will not grow simply because the site is not big enough or the organisers do not have/do not want the capability to organise a big show. W&P was a big and well organised show, thats why I miss it. Running costs rose over the years and I accepted the small price rises over the years because the show also grew over the years. BUT when the prices went up 50% and "value for money" went the other way, the show was doomed. It is the organisers right to do as he pleases with "his" show, it is our right to do as we please with "our" attendance. ...... I hope someone will come along soon and organise "our" show again for the future........ ....if not.... 🙂
  8. Looks like they put on something else this year......
  9. Did anyone manage to record the comments before they were erased? Is there another site where the W&P 2023 is being discussed?
  10. Looking for the ghost of the engineroom 😃 .... another ghost is the one that hides nuts and bolts when you have taken things apart ... Everting always works when you look at it. At least you found out, that there was no serious problem. If it still happens now and again, you can solve it like I suggested earlier or use a spring between the fuel line and the dip-stick.
  11. Even if the rubber bit fits fairly loosly into the tube, it still should stay in place. It does not matter that the rubber bit can revolve on the dip-stick, just as long as it stays in the same position lengthwise. Have you tried to see what happens to the dip-stick when the engine is running? Start engine, rev it up a bit and see how the dip-stick behaves. If it starts to climb out of the tubing, try to remove the oil filler cap, and push the dip-stick back into place, repeat the procedure and rev the engine again and see if it happens again. Have you checked the tube and valve from the valve cover to intake manifold for function? If the dip-stick starts to climb out of the tubing even with the oilcap removed, then it is not overpressure in the crankcase causing it. A quick fix is to slightly squeeze/pinch the tube close to the top. Just so much that the rubber bit on the dip-stick will stay in place when engine is running, but not so much that the rubber bit comes off the dip-stick when you pull it.
  12. It does not seem too loose. Is it bent so it can catch the crankshaft if installed "wrong"? Test this by turning the dip-stick round when engine is running. If it catches the crankshaft and gets pushed out, then make a note of where the position is. Examine the dip-stick and see where the strike marks are. Re-shape the dip-stick so it does not catch. The dip-stick should now stay in place. If the oil level is too high (above full mark) then you could theoreticly have the dip-stick move upwards when engine is running. But I would think that the level would then be much too high. Did you check for "blow through" ? It is normal to hear some noise, but loud puffing, and exhaust fumes should not be present.
  13. The dip-stick should stay in place as long as it fits snug and the "lid" has been pushed into place when installed after checking oil level. If the engine has too much "blow.through" from the pistons, for the ventilator valve and tube to cope with, maybe the ventilator valve or tube is blocked. With engine running, remove the filler cap. If there is much excess pressure coming out in bursts, it could be one of the pistons has broken rings. If the air coming out also smells much like exhaust, that is also a bad sign. if so, check compression on all 4 cylinders. Let us know what you find out of. Christian
  14. List of participants and venders is on the homepage of Military Days. Still room for more, so don't hesitate 🙂
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