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  1. Hi Ian is this mercury still for sale, Thanks John, j.sergeant@hotmail.com
  2. Hi Dale, It's good to have someone to talk to I thought I was the only one with a tug,That rad was a bit expensive £ 700 that's what I payed for my tug 5 days ago. I have the Ford 10 hp engine in mine I saw mine running when I bought it but the brakes was stuck on I started restoring it by taking off the ballast cast steel plate witch weighed 2ton I will not put this back on. My email is j.sergeant@hotmail.com this is my first military vehicle I have done,I have been restoring since 1980 started with a 1947 Scammel motive unit and a 1926 showman wagon I have had various commercial vehicles all so fair ground organs,I then swung onto horse drawn showmans wagons I did 5 of these over the years I still have my 1933 Bedford brake down truck. The the best for now John
  3. Hi Dale, You have made a lovely job of that drop side and the progress with the other photos. where did you get the radiator done? as I need mine done. Would you be able to copy the paper work you have I will pay you, and all the postage costs I also need a name plate on the radiator the one on mine just says MERCURY the bloke I bought the tug off said he bought it and put it on so I don't think it's right. seeing your and others. The only number on the dash is MT7051 Keep up the good work John
  4. Hi mine is 12volt and it didn't keep running I found it was petrol starvation the pipe from under the petrol tank was very small in dia and someone had put a small shut off tap so I enlarged it and the pipe it now keeps running.Hope this is useful. John Sergeant'
  5. I also have just bought a mercury tug tractor I have just started restoration on it but no info. I was told by the reg number is April 1952. I could do with a manual on it. Thanks John Sergeant
  6. John Sergeant


  7. Hi your photo of this mercury tug tractor in a scrap yard I have just bought the same model, My one is in army colors it is running order but I have started to restore it.I only bought it yesterday There is not much info about these would you know where to get any info on it. Thanks John Sergeant
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