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  1. Looking for a pair of headlights for a mk 1 carrier please email me at lee.kubel@yahoo.co.uk
  2. One standard 24v v8 genny, one heavy duty radio truck 24v v8 genny and two v8 water pumps Good working order gennys £55 each and water pumps £35 each postage extra! Email lee.kubel@yahoo.co.uk
  3. In Sheffield buddy had it about 2 years now! Just been stripping it down and collecting parts but it's starting to get a move on now so looking for any parts people have!
  4. After a load of parts for a bren carrier mkl and ll let me know what you have please email me lee.kubel@yahoo.co.uk Cheers lee
  5. You're are star Rick! Cheers buddy! 👍
  6. Hi guys looking for some info on the bren carrier specifically the bulkhead sizes behind the front seat! If anyone can help that would be great! many thanks lee
  7. Final picture of her completed! She is unfortunately up for sale on milweb! Link is here http://www.milweb.net/webvert/77432 very sad to see her go but need to concentrate on the Bren carrier!
  8. Few more pics shes all running now and sounds great! Nearly complete! :-)
  9. Couple more with seat! not sure about exhaust chris has built a new one will post pic up of it when I get one!
  10. What a difference a day makes! Just need to finish the re-build of the carb and she is nearly ready! :-)
  11. lee g

    MKll carrier

    Believe the gearbox is from some French truck but does fit the ford flathead! I leave all the technical stuff to chris! Lol thanks for the offer rick!
  12. As I said in the post showing yours it was a picture I found on the net just as an example! mine is nearing completion, few more pics from the last couple of days!
  13. Just got the New fabricated metalware back this morning and chris has got it painted and fitted!! Looks amazing!
  14. lee g

    MKll carrier

    Hi rick tried to join it but they are not taking any new members? This is the carrier chris is restoring for me! I know he has been asking you about stuff! Had a chat with simon at stoneleigh on Sunday and I know he has sorted some bits out too! Lee
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