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  1. my fowler is an A4 class rated at 6nhp the B5 would be 8nhp but horse power doesn't really mean much with steam as they produce massive amounts of torque as you can drag them down to just a few dozen rpm's and they will keep going. i have steamed my fowler bout this time last year hopefully vid below. the flywheels are so big and heavy! as they help balance the engine out when running and also help a lot with momentum so they don't stall so easily when heavy loads are applied. the fowlers rev to around 300rpm comfortably but also they don't have clutches. so you select 1 of the 2 gears t
  2. a standard B5 weigh in around 17-18 tonnes full of water and coal so can believe them being 20 ton easy with the extra plate added if not a lot more.
  3. steam traction being used during the Boer war Fowler B5 road locomotive crossing the river with a 10 horse Burrell road loco standing by if needed. armored Fowler B5 road locomotive which were not very well liked by crews for obvious reasons so most had the armour removed. a preserved Fowler B5 here in the UK which ounce was one of the armoured B5's as it came back to the UK with all the brackets on the boiler to hold the plate on. My Fowler A4 road locomotive built in december 1899, under restoration though this is a very old pic she is know in the pain
  4. thank you very much Pierre glad you have enjoyed following progress. i am restoring a 1899 fowler road locomotive that came back from Oz at the moment as well, it came from Nundle in NSW originally worked in south africa during the boer war then went to Australia in 1904, came back to the UK in 2003. regards sam
  5. cheers rootes going to try and get 3 of my T's there for the 80th. the 980 and 2 project trucks, looks like there is going to be a really nice selection next year so will be worth coming along. regards sam
  6. evening every one finally got round to wiring the head lights in, got to say for someone who absolutely despises wiring and most things electrical, the electrics are one of my favorite jobs i have done on the whole truck. so the lesson really is don't hate it till you tried it! planning to take her out this sunday for a road test and will be the 1st time it has been on the road in over 20 years. got the new registration number few weeks ago from the dvla. was very impressed with their 4 week turn around so no complaints here. like to thank Richard Adams and John Wardle from the MVT f
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