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  1. Q4. They said it was 1940's, but I'm not sure if early or late, and it had a radio body fitted. The whole thing was quite a rust bucket, I think it was part of the collection, just left to rot away in the open air. I did have a picture of it, but I've perhaps since deleted it.
  2. I remember seeing a Commer in the yard at the Muckleburgh Collection last year. I couldn't say whether it's still for sale, but I don't think there was much interest in it.
  3. Ooh, I think you might be right there. There's even some pictures online that have the same wooden bed on the back.
  4. Having had a look at some pictures of the two, I think I might be more inclined to go for Dodge too
  5. Ah ok, so they're not all necessarily American vehicles. I'll keep that in mind when I'm doing anymore research.
  6. Ah ok, so while the tanks are all British, the transporter, the Willis Jeeps and the Dodge/Chevrolet (which I can't say I even noticed) are all US. They were assisting in Africa since May '42, but invaded Algeria and Morocco in November, which ties in pretty nicely with the dates these photos might have been taken.
  7. Ooh, I completely forgot about the trailer that the Panzer is on. Looking at a picture of an Sd.Ah.116 though I'd say your spot on there, thank you for that one!
  8. Ok so, I've been doing a little research and digging around to piece the background of some of these images together. Working down the above photos from the top, we have: 1 - Unknown German truck, but potentially an Opel Blitz judging by the cab shape, 2 - Carro Armato M13/40, Italian Light Tank, 3 - Lee/Grant, couldn't tell you which, I have no idea what the differences were, 4 - "Jerry Petrol Tankers". Looking at what is left of the cabs and engine housing, I think this is actually a Bedford OY tanker? 5 - Your typical Panzer III, 6 - Monty's Old Faithful a
  9. Oh wow, very jealous you got to drive the Humber! I imagined of all the vehicles pictured Montgomery's car would be one of those that survived to this day. Certainly not a vehicle anybody would ignore, that's for sure.
  10. There's a good chance they could be the same day, the other Monty photos we have show him visiting some wounded men in hospital, but no date or location is included in the captions.
  11. That would be great to see it from another person's perspective too. There are a lot of photos in and around Jerusalem and Tobruk, a lot of the ones that aren't are more "on the road" sort of pictures. I think he was involved in the supply of petrol, which would explain those ones.
  12. Right, I've sifted through and here are the rest. While some images are easily identified I thought I'd include them anyway for people to have a look at. I'll include any captions above their respective image. Caption Reads: "Wrecked Jerry Truck with dead still there, Note 'X'" (I've removed any upsetting detail from the image) Caption: "One of the many" Caption: "British tank going into action, June 1940. Taken as we left" Caption: "Jerry petrol tankers after the RAF had been. This was the scene for miles"
  13. It is one of our favoured photos. The other is below, not particularly vehicle related but a good photo nonetheless. If there's anyone interested, once I get hold of his service record and can piece together locations, I intend to collate everything in chronological order of My Grandad's journey through Africa, I can post all of the ordered pictures in "Other Chatter" for people to have a look through. The caption on this photo reads: "One bottle per man"
  14. Oh that's brilliant thank you! One truck down, now I'll have to get onto the other photos ASAP.
  15. Ahhh, that must be the shape of the stencil. So the number is "L 1 8 2 5 1 1" that makes sense now. Thank you
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