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  1. Robin Howard3 minutes ago I use to drive the Mk6 in the RAF at Kinloss, Scotland in the 1960s during the cold war. Great vehicle with the introduction of the fluid flywheel and five gears (forward or reverse). Backed up with a Dual Purpose (DP) filled with water it could produce a massive amount of foam. I used to drive it cross-country at the end of the runway taking it very slow on the high ground ridges. At 80 years old I recently found one at the RAF museum. I had my RAF test for driving on an airfield at Garstang (North East) driving on the then A1 dual carriageway. I was an SAC and once drove from Kinloss with a sergeant in a Mk5a down to the servicing depot in the South West (A 500 mile journey). A great drive but servo brakes did heat up causing problems. The hills were terrible and so were the brakes on an exercise from Kinloss to Wick with full water containment. The driver of the DP (Dual purpose) used for domestic fires and feeding the Mk6 and Mk5A was lucky. He had the first of the air brakes.
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