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  1. Hi Tomo, thanks for your message, but I can't see any private messages. Thanks Gavin
  2. Hi, I have a NOS American wiring loom for a Jeep trailer for sale - £35.00. And a 1918 British Fire Extinguisher for sale - £25.00 More pictures available on request. Cheers Gavin Bowman
  3. Hi, I have a 19 set for sale. Canadian manufacturer - mark three 1943. £950 ono More pictures available on request. Cheers Gavin Bowman
  4. Hello, Has anybody got the RAL codes for these WW2 British paint colours: Kaki green No3, SCC No2 brown SCC No1A very dark brown Dark tarmac No4 Many thanks Gavin Bowman
  5. Yes you are right...from some years ago!! Trouble is one side is better than the other!!
  6. Hi Richard, I will contact them and see if they can identify the H number. Many thanks Gavin
  7. Ok no problem. I understand that the 76th is an armoured unit, within a division? Unfortunately the vehicle hasn't retained the divisional markings!! It only had the original pass plates in one of the lockers.
  8. Hello, I have a Guy Ant Quad in original condition with genuine markings. Can anybody help with identifying the division that the Quad belonged to. Many thanks Gavin Bowman
  9. Hi, I have a number of K2 ambulance parts for sale. Please see below: Near side stretcher rack - £250 ono Rear door pins - £10.00 each Off side bumper over rider - £25.00 ono Front axle, including wheels - £160 ono Remains of rear body, some parts left on it which may be of use - offers Wheels - £30.00 each ono More pictures available on request. Cheers Gavin Bowman
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