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  1. Hello JP I have my albums here under Mike Dennis & Doctor Cheapo - so you can see what I get up to - and I'm also a member of Rust Bucket - The New Zealand Meccano Federation's Forum. ---If you are a Meccano enthusiast or want to return to the hobby you would be welcome to join us. http://www.nzmeccano.com/image-30750&frompage=2 I returned to it in 1991 and **in my opinion as an engineer in real life as well as a model engineer ** - since Spin Master bought the company a few years ago all the Plastic stuff they produce today & one model sets are a like toys and crap ideas so it is looking more like Lego - You will see however, some interesting models, sets, Manuals, history and loads of other information.
  2. Thanks John 50 That will do for me Mike
  3. I am currently starting two models to 1/24 & 1/12 Scale of this beauty, with the original cab as I remember the 3 we had at RAF West Raynham still in use in 1956 -58 when I was an aero-engine fitter and had a BSA Ford engine 3 wheeler. SO would you please confirm the overall length of the Vehicle on the road, and the Jib overhang so I can complete my drawings. OR if you have a 3 View or just a side view with the dimensions it would help. Thanks for any assistance Mike D Broadstairs Kent
  4. Hello jp I have only just done the three view so haven't started yet. I usually take photos as I build a model in stages. I will send copies here as & when, like I do for the Macceno fraternity where I am known as one who Never makes for competitions & breaks all the Purists self made "rules" even when Frank Hornby never made any. .
  5. Hello all contributing members I thank you for your assistance for enough information now. I have now made my own scale chassis Side End and Plan views from your information to start my project making parts 1:1 direct to 1/24 scale and 1/12 using Meccano parts as the main medium plus my own Brass And Aluminum compatibles . Kind Regards to all Mike - Broadstairs Kent
  6. Front axle Centre - Bogie Ctr - If you take a look back to yesterday - I said thanks & that I took notice of your advice.
  7. OK thanks Nick At 1/24 scale 1" is about 40thou give or take a nats on an Imperial Mike, so - As it's not a toolroom job & I'm using Meccano & my own parts, 6ft will be OK. :-)
  8. Nick All duly noted & thanks again - I was well out guessing (;-
  9. Hi Nick Yes very useful - if I knew the track measurement which I have not seen anywhere, I can scale off that chassis plan view and save a lot of time. I *THINK* the track is about 6Ft 6ins (78") by guess work on a Front view photo related to the width which is a known measurement. Many thanks Mike
  10. 7'9" and 7''10" are close enough for jazz as far as I.m concerned - At 1/24 scale Blind Pugh would be a happy Bunny :-)
  11. Thanks again John I already had the width Regards Mike
  12. Thank you for the reminder I have just done a very rough scale side view and will make a note of that and the wheel details you supplied earlier All the best Mike Dennis Broadstairs
  13. Thanks very much John Those dimensions will do me Fine I can now do a drawing good enough to work to using the info & photos I already have as reference.
  14. Thanks John How true but meanwhile I have asked the Meccano fraternity Here's my website - not updated since 2006 as it used to be run for me FOC as I am not too clever with Computers and hopeless with website design stuff. Even the so called Easy DIY ones may as well be written in Martian & Klingon :-) http://hisg.50webs.com/
  15. Thank you I know that BUT I have not seen any drawings of a 6 x 4 on the Google-bug, so I have been asking for drawings preferably OR dimensions of the Coles Crane version Chassis at least, to get the accurate wheel base dimensions and possible Length Width and Height to see any variation from a standard 4 x 4 Matty wrecker - if any - rather than do my own DIY drawings by Guess-tonomy :-)
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